Huthwaite International – Egypt

LOGIC – Training Consulting has been successfully selling Huthwaite solutions for over eight years, providing training in sales improvement and business development within the Middle Eastern region.

As well as working independently, we also work alongside our colleagues from other countries to help deliver training projects to clients with a global sales force. We work in virtually every market sector, including Government and NGOs, as our clients engage in business to business, business to consumer, reseller and public sector sales.

We can help you by providing practical training that will generate immediate business results. Our methodology is in developing innovative content that focuses on changing behaviour. Clients tell us that they want to work with trainers who are themselves sales practitioners; we can provide that, ensuring a close connection to the real challenges and practical applications you face. A comprehensive R&D department, highly qualified trainers, and a meticulous quality control system all work together to deliver the greatest possible training impact – one that changes the behaviour and therefore the results of your people.

Walid Galal, Head of Logic – Training Consulting, gives his view: “I am a true believer in Huthwaite methodology and that there is no other approach that can be compared with Huthwaite’s. This unique way of training works very well here in the Middle East.”