South Africa

Huthwaite International – South Africa

Huthwaite have operated across Southern Africa for decades and the many major clients we have worked with are a strong mixture of local companies and the African operations of international corporations. As well as this breadth, we have depth. Some of our client relationships span decades, where both parties enjoy all the benefits of a partnership approach where we plan for long-term behaviour change and achieve together. Our aim is always to meet client expectations and where possible exceed them.

SPIN® Selling Skills is perhaps the best-known of Huthwaite offerings in Southern Africa, and it has demonstrably helped our clients to succeed – take a look at our client case studies. We always aim to build a sales culture which embeds the SPIN® behaviours inside our clients, and adds to them.

Besides our world renowned SPIN® we also offer a number of other skill sets which all support sales performance improvement and will become increasingly important as the continent advances: negotiation, opportunity management and sales-through-service to name only three.