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Driving Negotiation Skills Forward at Kongsberg Automotive

Driving Negotiation Skills Forward at Kongsberg Automotive

Kongsberg Automotive Group delivers in-house-developed systems as well as subcontracted products to the international automotive industry. Kongsberg Automotive offers a broad range of products for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. Key products are gearshift, clutch actuation systems, seat comfort and suspension components.

Kongsberg Automotive faces a substantial challenge in negotiating long-term agreements with vehicle manufacturing companies worldwide, and has, for many years, spent money and effort on improving its negotiation skills.

Kongsberg Automotive has been working with Huthwaite’s Norwegian consultants for just over a year focussing on driving Negotiation Skills training. It is interesting that all the participants in the training so far have commented on how different Huthwaite’s approach is from previous training they had experienced. The Kongsberg Automotive salespeople valued the very quick quantitative feedback they received on their own performance. They also felt that they benefited from being able to improve their skills in a ‘safe’ environment using this feedback. The overall response from both the purchasing department and the key account managers was that the training provided was very good value.

Executive Vice President, Bent Wessesl-Aas said, “It is very impressive to see the results of the training directly. The continuous feedback during the programme gives participants the opportunity to recognise areas where their skills need improvement, and it was reassuring to see some individual improvements during the programme. We want to watch the results of the training closely to realise our investment in the course. Kongsberg Automotive is seeking to establish good lasting relations with its customers and the training underlines our aim - to achieve Win-Win outcomes.”

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