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VBA Communication

Our Improving Communication Skills programme is for anyone who regularly needs to make a case to others, find solutions to problems in a group setting, handle potentially contentious issues or people or need to build and managing a successful team.

Through our extensive observational research we have identified the behaviours present in successful communication. We know what effective verbal communication is and what it looks and sounds like. Using our Verbal Behavioural Analysis (VBA) model we can record, analyse and interpret you and/or your team’s verbal communication behaviour, compare it with our success profile, show you where you are and where you need to be and give you the tools to take you to the highest level.

On the programme we share with you this underlying research on which the course is based and give you a full first-hand understanding of the verbal behaviour categories and their application.

We know, from consistent research and practice over the past 40 years, that the verbal behaviours people use in commercial and internal interactions significantly affect outcomes.

By the end of the Improving Communication Skills programme participants will be able to:

  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your present interactive style for persuading and influencing
  • Recognise the main VBA categories and understand how to use them
  • Know how to apply the behaviours to your own real situations and challenges
  • Know what behaviours to change in order to be a more effective communicator
  • Be more aware of the different messages emerging from your style of communication
  • Develop core communication skills to apply in your real world.

The programme comprises inputs, exercises with objective feedback, and opportunities for real world application. Participants work in small groups and pairs to gain a practical understanding of the verbal behaviours and how they can be applied in different situations. The Improving Communication Skills programme is delivered by two Huthwaite trainers for a maximum of 12 delegates.

Wherever possible, we seek to incorporate into the training the real cases that are affecting your organisation here and now.

Additional training days can be incorporated depending on the number and complexity of the issues you are seeking to resolve.

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