Digital innovation

Our digital capability is enabling us to become ever more agile in the way we deploy our learning and in the resource efficiencies we can deliver for our clients. It is an area of our business that is continually evolving as we seek new and viable ways of working.

Above all, we don’t allow ourselves to be distracted by gimmicks and transient tools and technologies.  We target our digital developments towards achieving learning programmes that are efficient and agile, and match the digital standards of our clients.

Our innovations include:

Social and collaborative learning

Our online engagement methodologies support the learning journey for you and your team.

Our platforms allow learners to interact with other learners, coaches to monitor and feedback, managers to measure performance and Huthwaite to review progress and intervene as needed. Our approach is proving an invaluable tool for those clients who have the desire and the resources to be more hands on in order to leverage the full benefit of our methodologies in their own environments and at their own pace.

This approach can also be deployed on clients’ own platforms such as Chatter, Yammer, Slack and others.


myHuthwaite is our online community platform. Less interactive than our social and collaborative platforms, it nonetheless provides a vital tool for learners and their managers to access our core and additional course material, keep abreast of our ongoing research, participate in research and manage your relationship with Huthwaite International.


We have our own in-house dedicated team of programmers and developers. They are hard code professionals who know our methodologies inside out and are capable of building and supporting any number of bespoke tools for their effective deployment. Clients who take advantage of CustomDigitalTM do so because they have extraordinary circumstances or constraints.  Some of our latest project include:

  • Creating a bespoke forum and virtual set up for managers of an engineering supplies company who needed SPIN® training for 60 employees in a single event. A highly unusual request but by allocating one manager to every ten learners and building a series of bespoke digital learning tools to support the classroom session, we were able to work within the constraints and improve skill levels.
  • We recently created bespoke elements and social interactions for inclusion in an existing in house collaborative learning platform for a  global telecoms provider to improve engagement and support a 3 month international SPIN® programme.

As with all our materials, our digital tools can be entirely client branded.

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