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Sales performance improvement is always a top priority for organisations of all sizes. Many of the questions we hear from our clients boil down to this: How can we change the behaviour of our salespeople so we can win more deals at higher margins, shorten sales cycles and improve customer satisfaction.

Please take a moment to respond to each of the questions opposite, so that we can truly understand how to help support your journey to sales behaviour change.

SPIN Selling: What you’ll learn

Sales approaches evolve and trends come and go, but the SPIN Selling methodology remains the only method grounded in observed, timeless human behaviour - behaviour that wins business. Our SPIN sales training will give you:





A coherent approach to creating value


More sales at higher margins


Fewer customer objections


Higher levels of customer satisfaction


A consistent sales approach


Shorter sales cycles

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Who will be supporting you?

Meet the Huthwaite SPIN support team.  They have a wealth of knowledge and experience of all aspects of our SPIN journeys, and a shared passion for the delivery of great learning experiences.  They'll work with you to make sure each step of the process is a success.


Marianne King

Client Relations

Marianne King

Client Relations

Marianne has worked in learning and organisational development for over 10 years, helping customers find the best solutions to improve their sales, negotiation and communication performance.


Richard Tillery

L&D Consultant

Richard Tillery

L&D Consultant

Richard helps customers assess all elements of their learning journey and delivers collaborative virtual and face to face programmes to organisations of all sizes. His favourite part is providing coaching and feedback to help participants affirm and sustain their learning.


Eleanor Schofield

Programme Assistant

Eleanor Schofield

Programme Assistant

Eleanor supports customers throughout their journey with Huthwaite.  She loves calendars, planners and troubleshooting any issues - ensuring participants are organised and ready to learn!

Who is SPIN Selling for?

When the SPIN methodology permeates an organisation, it ensures all interactions with customers within each department and at every level is useful and compelling. Using SPIN behaviours will incrementally build value for your solution before, during and after the sale.


Sales professional

For a sales or business development professional looking to demonstrate value to a prospect or customer, SPIN will help you improve your sales performance and adopt world class selling skills.


Sales leader

For sales leaders looking for a consistent sales methodology your whole team can adopt, the SPIN learning journey ensures the behaviour change you need to drive better sales results.


Sales support

If you're in a role that has touch points with customers, SPIN can help you to influence and advance the buying process, whether you are a pre-sales consultant, project manager, technical consultant, customer care professional or other customer facing role.

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