Learn the strategies you can use to negotiate with customers successfully

Download how to develop effective negotiation skills to learn why a poker face is unlikely to get you the outcome you want and the common phrases that can make you an irritating negotiator.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • The tactics negotiators use to avoid direct disagreement

  • how negotiators maintain clear communication

  • the strategies negotiators use to establish trust.

Essential reading for negotiators and sales professionals.


Key insights from Developing effective negotiation skills;


Skilled negotiators ask questions to gain control over the discussion.


The average negotiator is more likely to use phrases that have the potential to irritate the other party.


Skilled negotiators avoid making these immediate counter proposals.


What makes the skills described in this whitepaper effective?

We have spent four decades studying and identifying the behaviours needed for successful business. This whitepaper was written on this foundation of vast research and analysis. We know definitively which behaviours are required to improve performance.

My team operate globally, are the skills described here still relevant?

The skills described in this whitepaper will help you achieve consistency throughout your business, regardless of location. We deliver the same proven methodologies using a deployment strategy designed to meet the needs of each of your teams and territories.

How do Huthwaite teach new skills and improve performance?

Huthwaite takes the people in your business on a journey; from their understanding and skills at the start through to enabling them to do or think differently by the end. Each behaviour change journey we undertake is appropriate to your unique business environment. We work consultatively with you to agree the best learning approach and then on into skills reinforcement.