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SPIN® Selling Model- measuring the return on investment

SPIN® Selling Model- measuring the return on investment

When Clients invest in sales training it’s because they want their sales people to improve and see a return on investment. The client needs to know that they are not only feeling the performance improvement, but that they can see it and – if necessary – report on it quantitatively.

Our ability to present those measurements in the shape of objective, unequivocal data has been a differentiator for us in a crowded market-place for many years. Since the turn of the 21st century we have run a number of productivity projects to prove the point. Our aim? To demonstrate the change in behaviour and sales call outcomes that are directly attributable to the SPIN® Selling model so that our clients can see – as clearly as we do – the return on investment (RoI) from the work they do with us.

This report shares the impact on financial gains of companies we have worked with, who we are pleased to say are happy to share their results. In this report you’ll see:

  • A detailed report on a 2014/15 project with the UK sales force of Urgo Medical, a €214 million international wound care company with the stated aim of doubling that turnover within 5 years
  • Key terms we use for describing the behaviours SPIN®-trained salespeople use well
  • The responses they get from customers when using these behaviours
  • The yardsticks we use for assessing the success of the sales calls themselves
  • Descriptions of five companies from different business sectors, and the impact that SPIN® Selling and coaching have had on their sales performance from the year 2000 to the present day.
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