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What our clients say

The course has been truly transformative in how I approach sales meetings and I wish I had done this programme many years ago!! It had the same motivational impact on my team who attended. The course provides a very logical framework to uncover issues and problems and place your organisation at the centre of solving all those needs. We are a non profit and the SPIN® methodology worked really well equipping us with the selling techniques but doing that in a consultative manner.

Raksha Pattni
SPIN® Selling

A really interactive three days delivered that has the potential to change our organisation's approach to sales and in turn results. The balance between theory and the live opportunity to practice via the role plays helped to bring the strategy to life even though it wasn't a real life scenario!

Ben Gallier
PITCH™ Selling

Good balance between theory and practice, good course materials with a high level of professional training. I feel I could get far better outcomes out of a negotiation than before the course now.

Richard Skelton
Complex Negotiation

Well structured training with friendly, knowledgeable trainers; I found this course very informative and useful. As someone with no previous sales background I was concerned I wouldn't be able to keep up but i needn't have been concerned.

Account strategy for major sales

The course was great. The trainer went through all the material in a relaxed way and made sure everyone understood before moving on. At each stage there were plenty of changes to relate it back to the real world so each delegate left with an action plan. There was no pressure on any delegate and complete understanding if someone needed explaining in a different way. I would completely recommend.

Charlie Pearson
Account strategy for major sales

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Behavioural expertise

Our solutions are rooted in extensive behavioural research. Our decades of study show us that to change the behaviour of a team is to change the results of the organisation. It’s what makes us unique.

Observational research

We’ve been studying successful sales behaviour for over 40 years. No one knows more than us about what separates a successful sales and negotiation professional from a less effective one.

International flexibility

Sometimes, the more global and complex a client’s requirement is, the more rigid and inflexible the deployment needs to be to align with the provider’s capability. Not so with Huthwaite.