The case for the human - AI as sales co-pilot, not competitor

So, what is all the AI fuss about?  How of much of it is hype and how much real opportunity does it present for organisations and their people?  We give top tips for intelligently embracing the future of sales.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • What is Generative AI and what is available now?

  • AI in sales and learning - how is it being applied now?

  • AI in conversational intelligence - what is possible v what is useful?

  • Where to start with AI in sales

Essential reading for leadership teams, sales leaders and anyone in L&D.


Key Insights from The case for human sales;


AI is certainly being applied to many sales and marketing activities but how much will be fully automated is still up for much debate.  Smart technology needs smart people.


Now more than ever before, sellers will need to know how to communicate with their customers, not just what to say about products and services.


Few sales organisations have gone beyond the AI experimentation phase, but this whitepaper contains some top tips on the initial areas to focus on.