Open Virtual SPIN® Selling Programme

Our SPIN® selling training is now available as an open virtual programme. We offer the same tools and behavioural skills to improve your success in acquiring and developing new and existing accounts but delivered virtually to suit you and your working schedule.

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SPIN® Courses in the United Kingdom

Our virtual SPIN® Selling programme can be delivered in two ways depending on how you prefer your learning structured and how you choose to organise learning around your working schedule. You can complete the training within your working week (as per the above scheduled courses) or you can spread it out over 2 weeks if that works better for you - you can contact us directly if you'd prefer your learning delivered this way.

What can you expect from our virtual sessions?

  • Expert virtual trainer presentations delivered in focused 4 x 3 hour sessions
  • Ability to ask questions during sessions
  • Knowledge acquisition through 30 minute e-learning modules happens between virtual sessions
  • Interactive elements during sessions including quizzes and polls
  • Virtual breakout groups for role plays and group work allowing for skills practice within your workplace – home or in the office
  • A focus on 'virtual selling' - replicating the experience of many sellers who interact with customers via video conference or telephone.

Whichever schedule you choose, you will learn the techniques and behaviours used by some of the world’s most successful salespeople. You will recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your present selling style, learn and begin to adopt the key behaviours that greatly reduce objections, have a robust and dependable framework for planning future sales calls and more.

Who should attend our Virtual SPIN® Selling programme

The Huthwaite SPIN® selling programme is for you if you are:

  • A professional individual or group within a business looking to improve sales performance
  • An experienced sales or business development professional looking to adopt world class selling skills
  • An owner / manager
  • A sales team leader looking for a common, world class methodology that all your team can adopt.

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For an informal chat please call us on +44 (0)1709 710081. Alternatively please use our contact form.