The best salespeople are well-prepared and confident. They ask the right questions and know what the customer needs at each stage of their buying journey, enabling them to move confidently towards a sale.

Based on decades of observation and research into customer behaviour, Huthwaite International’s SPIN Sales training aligns salespeople with a tried and tested methodology.

Why is SPIN Sales Training Important?


Our SPIN Sales training is essential for individuals in sales, sales management, business development or in a customer-facing role where demonstrating value is essential.

For over 40 years, Huthwaite International has been transforming how world-class organisations in various sectors view and interact with their customers.

Our interactive SPIN Sales training equips your sales team with the verbal behaviours and conversational toolkit needed to create value, generate more sales and reach higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of SPIN Sales Training


Consistent sales approach

Consistent sales approach

Build a coherent approach to creating value for customers

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction

Understand how major buying decisions are made and increase levels of customer satisfaction


Reduce customer objections

Practice the behaviours and hone the skills proven to greatly reduce the likelihood of customer objections

Measure sales performance

Measure sales performance

Measure the performance of your sales team against the successful behaviours you’ve learned, and continually improve your sales performance.

Shorten sales cycles

Shorten sales cycles

Apply tried and tested sales methods to shorten sales cycles, and increase sales at higher margins.


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“Our virtual SPIN sales training sessions were delivered with so much energy! We learned many useful tools that have helped to create the momentum we need at the moment to overcome our daily challenges.”

Beirholm Context Engineered Textiles
Soren Johannes Bjerre, Sales Manager, Beirholm Vaeverier A/S, Denmark
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How SPIN Sales Training helps sales teams solve these common challenges


Price premium

Customers just don’t see why we’re worth a price premium

Our SPIN Sales training courses give you a set of core verbal skills that allows salespeople to identify and develop needs effectively while demonstrating value to the customer right away

Insightful customer interactions

We’re treated like a commodity instead of a high-value supplier

Methods taught during our SPIN sales training ensure every interaction with a customer is insightful and compelling – this offers higher levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Measure sales success

Much of the sales pipeline progress data that goes into our CRM isn’t credible because we have no honest way of knowing how well a sales meeting went

SPIN sales training helps you introduce objective, incontrovertible criteria for measuring the success of each customer interaction against the planned outcome, and to provide the evidence from within the SPIN toolkit.

Meet customer expectations

We need an approach that goes beyond training – we want to improve the quality of our customer experience

Our methodology ensures every interaction is useful and valuable to the customer, ensuring sellers have the opportunity to exceed customer expectations at every stage of the Buying Cycle™.

Explore customer needs

Many of our sellers come from a technical background, so they talk about technical features instead of exploring the client’s business issues

The skills taught during SPIN sales training enable salespeople to move away from product-driven sales pitches so they can engage in customer-focused, value-driven, consultative sales conversations.

Refine sales skills

Our people know what they’re doing, but we need to refine their skills and make them consistent – personally, across teams, and the whole company

Our SPIN sales training helps your sales team determine what a successful sales outcome should look like. This paves the way for shorter sales cycles and a common language to analyse, plan and report sales activities.

How we deliver SPIN Sales training


Virtual classroom

A flexible, robust virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel and has all the key features of a physical classroom environment.

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Physical classroom

An engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus, with face-to-face, facilitator-led training.

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SPIN is a proprietary trade mark of Huthwaite International

Each SPIN trainer must be officially licensed and regularly monitored in order to ensure they can combine our unique methodology with a high quality, consistent learning experience.

SPIN Selling is part of the sales academy

Our ongoing research into customer behaviour means our SPIN Sales methodology has evolved, allowing us to expand our training offering to other key areas in your business:


SPIN Marketing

Reconnect sales and marketing by harmonising the way your teams think about their customers.

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SPIN Coaching

Learn how to confidently coach others on SPIN principles in this immersive course.

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SPIN Opportunity Management

Learn how to maximise complex sales opportunities through a focus on the journey customers make in arriving at a major buying decision.

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What is SPIN Selling?

Although customer behaviours have changed over the years and are always evolving, SPIN selling continues to be the most iconic and revered sales methodology that is used across the world, with 30% of the top 100 biggest companies (Forbes) using the SPIN methodology, alongside smaller organisations who use it to support their sales teams.
Over the past four decades, SPIN sales training has established itself as a proven way to improve sales success and deliver bottom-line results.

Why does SPIN sales training work?

SPIN sales training was developed here at Huthwaite International. Our unique research involved observing 40,000 business-to-business sales interactions to reveal exactly what successful sellers do.
Asking people what they do is never as authentic as observing what they do and we continue to research, challenge and evaluate our original findings. The key to successful selling is not down to gimmicks or tricks, but the result of measurable, trainable behavioural patterns.

How does SPIN sales training apply to real-life scenarios?

Simply following a formula doesn’t reflect real conversations - especially when it’s increasingly uncommon that an entire sale will happen in one discussion.

With longer buying cycles and complex purchasing decisions, it’s more important than ever before that salespeople do their research to determine where their prospect is positioned in the buying cycle.

For example, if a prospect is actively looking at suppliers, this indicates that they are further along in their buying cycle - meaning that more obvious Situation questions are redundant at this stage. Asking these kinds of questions could have a negative effect on your progress and send your prospect into the arms of another supplier.

This is especially true in the current climate; in the years since SPIN Selling was created, we’ve been able to gain crucial information about our customers online, meaning that certain questions don’t need to be asked anymore - such as company size, for example.

Understanding the SPIN model and how to apply it to your individual prospects is key to using the methodology to your advantage.

Why Huthwaite International?


Our sales, negotiation and communication methodologies are the most researched and validated in the world.

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Behavioural expertise

Backed by ongoing scientific research, adapting to changing customer behaviour.

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International flexibility

Truly international, teaching SPIN Marketing behaviours to leading organisations across the globe.

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