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World class organisations require their sales people to be well prepared, in-tune with customer needs, persuasive, behaviourally subtle, and capable of moving a conversation towards a positive customer commitment. Huthwaite International’s SPIN Selling programme, gives your team all of those things and more.

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Essential training for: those who are in sales, sales management, business development or a customer-facing role, where demonstrating value to a prospect or customer is an important part of what you do.

SPIN Selling is the heart of the SPIN Suite and a key aspect of our sales training programmes. It helps businesses across the globe to improve their sales figures time after time.

Why invest in SPIN Selling?

Companies can spend billions on improving employee performance, yet not all of them link the investment to increased profits. Find out how Huthwaite’s SPIN Selling programme can work with you and your business to measure ROI.

What to expect from your SPIN Selling programme

By the end of the Huthwaite International SPIN Selling programme, participants will:

  • know the strengths and weaknesses of their present selling style
  • be able to describe the psychology of customer needs
  • understand how major buying decisions are made
  • be able to influence all members of a decision-making unit
  • be able to demonstrate the key behaviours used by effective salespeople in their verbal interactions with customers
  • have a framework for planning sales calls in terms of these behaviours
  • have practised the behaviours that greatly reduce the likelihood of objections
  • objectively measure their performance compared with the skilled behaviour profile
  • model and create an action plan for continued development of skills on the job.

SPIN Selling delivery options

SPIN Selling is available through a range of options to suit your business needs. Each path is designed to provide you with a comprehensive learning journey to optimise skill transfer and give maximum return on your investment.

SPIN Selling: blended learning solution

For teams who need to optimise seller time, this fully blended learning solution ensures sellers will:

  • acquire key concepts through state of the art online modules
  • practise skills with expert facilitators who provide feedback in a 2-day classroom* event
  • use digital tools, reinforcement materials and videos to support on the job implementation and further learning.

*The classroom element can be replaced by a virtual classroom which comprises 5 sessions involving 2 to 3 hour live online modules. Participants join in the live sessions from wherever they are in the world.

SPIN Selling: complete classroom experience

For teams who want an in-depth experience, the programme is available as a complete classroom experience. Sellers will:

  • be immersed in intensive group work and role plays
  • receive feedback from our expert facilitators to optimise learning
  • experience a high-energy programme delivered over 3 consecutive days.

SPIN Selling: collaborative approach

For teams wishing to enrich their learning experience over an extended period. Sellers will:

  • receive support through internal enablers who will coach and mentor them while they learn with and from their colleagues
  • complete a comprehensive series of assignments and tasks over a 7-week on the job learning experience
  • take part in both classroom and virtual skills sessions where expert facilitators provide feedback, to build confidence and encourage sustainable behaviour change within a whole team.

SPIN Selling customisation options

To maximise the return on investment from the programme our approach can, incorporate the following activities in addition to the chosen learning activities:

  • Bespoke design of programme content, roleplays and exercises to focus on your customers, products and markets
  • Initial benchmarking to define the start point for each participant and support development objectives
  • Integration of Huthwaite SPIN Tools into your processes and sales systems, including your CRM to objectively measure and review sales progress
  • Specially designed alignment workshops for your marketing team to equip them to support your SPIN trained sales team
  • Multi-lingual roll-out across the world through our exemplary network of Huthwaite trainers in more than 23 languages to provide a unified experience with a local understanding
  • Follow up sessions, development reviews, coaching workshops and additional reinforcement tools to deliver the best ROI and further support implementation of SPIN Selling skills on the job.

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