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Introducing virtual delivery

A flexible, robust virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel

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Delivery of our core programmes via virtual classroom – a synchronous, live training experience with all the key features of a physical classroom coupled with the space to practice and master skills learned between activities.

Key advantages of virtual delivery

Virtual delivery is a flexible and robust experience that eliminates the need for travel

Virtual sales interactions

Virtual sales interactions

Virtual role plays enable salespeople to experience customer interactions in an increasingly common environment

Attend from anywhere

Attend from anywhere

Attend virtual sessions from anywhere with a good internet connection minimising work schedule disruption

Reduced travel expenses

Reduced travel expenses

Reduce travel expenses and bring geographically spread groups together where traditional training would be difficult

Practice new skills

Practice new skills

Virtual sessions are spread out allowing on the job practice between sessions with your expert facilitator

Engaging virtual sessions

Engaging virtual sessions

Experience engaging expert trainer presentations with the ability to ask questions during live sessions

Virtual breakout rooms

Virtual breakout rooms

Take part in virtual breakout sessions practice new skills in role play scenarios and group work projects

Digital learning resources

Digital learning resources

Access to digital learning assets before and between virtual classroom events including polls and quizzes.


Immediate integration

New skills are immediately integrated with work embedding new behaviours quickly.

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Programme schedule

It would be hard for participants to focus on a virtual programme for the two solid days they would normally spend in a classroom environment. Access to digital learning resources offer various activities in preparation for the timetable of virtual sessions which last a maximum of 3 hours each, allowing participants to remain engaged.

Small groups work in the breakout room facilities of the virtual classroom platform to practice skills using roleplay exercises similar to those usually experienced in a traditional classroom.

Virtual learning experience

Presenting and delivering interactive online sessions requires very specific skills that Huthwaite facilitators have developed over the years. We have experience of delivering whole programmes of virtual classroom experiences to clients such as SAP and Xerox.

Project management

We can assist with all aspects of organisation including clear instruction around timings and participant expectations as well as tips on how your teams can make the most of their virtual and digital experiences.



Experience engaging live training from an expert facilitator in our virtual classroom.

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Collaborative Platform

For sales organisations who are keen to support a faster, more measurable, more sustainable route to achieving high performing sales and negotiating teams, Huthwaite can offer behaviour change journeys delivered through our collaborative learning platform. Here, the participant experiences a learning journey over a period of weeks and is supported throughout. The participant, their peers and their coach (sales manager or Huthwaite coach) interact within a social collaborative platform during the knowledge acquisition and workplace transfer stages of the learning journey. Exercises and assignments are completed and feedback and guidance are provided within the platform.

Importantly, participants have a greater opportunity to learn and interact with each other as they progress.

How do we deliver behaviour change?

We have four core options for the delivery of behaviour change to a participant. All have the knowledge acquisition/skills and practice and workplace transfer stages included in some form.

The approach adopted depends largely on who will have the main responsibility for achieving behavioural change, particularly in the crucial workplace transfer stage. This could be:

  • an individual participant working autonomously
  • Huthwaite supporting the individual throughout the learning journey
  • the organisation supporting the individual throughout the journey (coach/manager support)
  • or a combination of all three - joint responsibility

We work consultatively with our clients to agree the best approach to adopt.

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Will I need to download an app or any specific software?

Our chosen virtual delivery technology is Zoom, so if you have not used Zoom before you will need to install some software before your session starts. Our trainers are experienced communication technology users, so If your organisation uses alternative video conferencing technologies, we can discuss how our virtual programme could work on your chosen platform.

How long is the virtual programme?

The programme is designed to be completed over 2 weeks (4 x 3 hour sessions) so that you can complete the e-learning and practice the skills you have learned, between sessions.

Are virtual training programmes available in different languages?

We have trainers all over the world who are experienced in the virtual delivery of our programmes. This, together with our multi-lingual e-learning platform, means we ensure a unified virtual experience with a local understanding.

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