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SPIN Refresher

Have you slipped back into old habits? Do you need to revive your sales skills?

Our SPIN Refresher training programme is essential for those who have been SPIN trained and want to strengthen their knowledge. If your SPIN selling skills are a little rusty, this dynamic programme covers the key areas of the sales methodology you’ll need to fully restore your expertise.

Discuss your successes and challenges

Discuss your successes and challenges in implementing SPIN to your selling activity.

Build a persuasive case using the SPIN method

Build a persuasive case using the SPIN method that you can use with a real sales opportunity.

Develop an action plan to drive momentum

Develop an action plan to drive momentum and affirm commitment as a SPIN practitioner.

Refresh your knowledge

Refresh your knowledge on the concepts of SPIN Selling.

Reintegrate SPIN tools and concepts

Reintegrate SPIN tools and concepts into your selling environment.

Ready to revive your sales skills?
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SPIN Refresher course information

What will you learn?

A lot can happen between the time members of a sales team are initially SPIN trained and the end of their first year or so as a SPIN practitioner. Deals will be won and lost, experience and practice gained and, perhaps most significantly, new work habits formed.

Some of those habits will have become routine and beneficial to the sales process, but keeping up momentum can be challenging and where good habits and working practices fade over time, results often suffer, this is when a SPIN refresher might be in order.

To renew good habits in isolation, without guidance and constructive feedback from skilled sales behaviour change experts does little for motivation or results. We created the SPIN Refresher workshop specifically to help practitioners brush up on their skills and regain their sales confidence.

Following the programme, you will be re-engaged with SPIN behaviours that will help you to:

  • Improve the way you plan for sales calls and your chances of a valuable customer interaction
  • hold rewarding conversations with customers that lead to successful outcomes
  • create the value in your solutions that customers really need and want
  • make your solutions stand out from those of your competitors.
How is the workshop delivered?

The SPIN Refresher runs as a 3 hour interactive, virtual workshop, preceeded by 30 minutes of e-learning designed to help practitioners refresh their knowledge on the go. The virtual workshop consists of concise trainer presentations where SPIN concepts are reintroduced incrementally.

Participants take part in activities to reaffirm each concept and apply best practice to a live sale. By the end of the class, each participant has an individual action plan to take forward into the workplace to help them hone their skills and ultimately increase their confidence and ability as a SPIN practitioner.

Who is this workshop for?

This interactive workshop is for those who:

  • Have been trained by Huthwaite International
  • want to revive their sales expertise
  • want to renew their sales confidence and motivation.

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