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Your customers have never had so much information. The sheer number of communication channels available to marketers has provided a platform for engagement and transparency like never before. Marketers now talk about multichannel and omnichannel strategies which also bring with them the potential for a dramatically reduced cost of sale. This has led to a deluge of supplier activity and messaging from all sides and on every available platform.

So how do you stand out? While focusing on the task of trying to cut-through all the noise on these channels, it is easy to lose sight of the core principles of marketing communication and the value they bring in creating a brand that truly stands out.

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What is SPIN Marketing?

Align your marketing and sales functions

Adopting the principles of SPIN Marketing will give you:

SPIN Marketing practical steps

Practical steps in developing marketing collateral that resonates and aligns with how your sellers use SPIN selling

SPIN Marketing tools and methodology

Tools and methodology to create customer and market centric messaging at both customer and market levels

SPIN Marketing buying cycle

An understanding of where marketing activity fits within the customer buying cycle

SPIN Marketing key messaging

Key messaging that will really help you build value for your customers

SPIN Marketing shared understanding

A shared understanding of the behaviours proven to increase sales success

"This has been helpful in everything from briefing agencies to produce material and public messages that accord with our sales messages, to giving the entire UK business a sales infrastructure we’ve never had. It’s a virtuous circle. The ‘users and choosers’ of products like ours are amenable to new ideas if we can be persuasive about them. This has helped us to be persuasive in all customer-facing parts of the business."

Robin Nicholson, Marketing Manager

Why SPIN Marketing training?

We help marketers address these common challenges;

Common challenges adapt messaging

‘We struggle to adapt general marketing messages and make them more relevant and value focused to local audiences’

Value propositions and their resulting marketing messages can be successfully reviewed and adapted for different markets.

Common challenges not customer centric

‘Salespeople complain that our marketing content isn’t customer centric enough, so they don’t use it’

Build comprehensive persuasive cases around your strongest differentiators that you can communicate across all channels.

Common challenges customer concerns

‘Customers often have initial concerns which deter them from even considering our products’

Pre-handle and neutralise any initial concerns with targeted marketing messages.

Common challenges product feature

‘Our marketing efforts describe what products are instead of what they can do for our customer’

Understand the stages of the customer buying cycle and ensure your messaging is relevant and benefit focused at every stage.

Common challenges value propositions

‘Value propositions are open to different interpretations by salespeople’

Help you conduct meaningful competitive analyses at both market and product level to determine your strongest differentiators.

Common challenges product launch failure

‘Our best new products fail to achieve the post-launch results we expect’

Evaluate how customer-centric your current marketing is and therefore what your next steps should be.

SPIN Marketing is part of the SPIN Selling Suite

Our ongoing research into customer behaviour means our SPIN selling methodology has evolved, allowing us to expand our training offering to other key areas in your business:


SPIN Selling

Provide effective solutions for customers by building persuasive case around their individual problems.

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SPIN Coaching

Learn how to confidently coach others on SPIN principles in this immersive course.

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Account Strategy

Learn how to maximise complex sales opportunities through a focus on the journey customers make in arriving at a major buying decision.

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How we deliver SPIN Marketing training courses


Virtual classroom

A flexible, robust virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel and has all the key features of a physical classroom environment.

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Physical classroom

An engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus, with face-to-face, facilitator-led training.

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Why Huthwaite International?


Our sales, negotiation and communication methodologies are the most researched and validated in the world.

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Behavioural expertise

Backed by ongoing scientific research, adapting to changing customer behaviour.

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International flexibility

Truly international, teaching SPIN Marketing behaviours to leading organisations across the globe.

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