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Classroom Delivery

An engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus.

The environment

For many clients and for various reasons, face-to-face, facilitator-led training is still the best solution to their learning needs. In our busy working days, offering learning interventions away from desks where participants have fewer distractions and can fully focus on the live training, presents a really valuable experience and high impact outcomes.


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Programme schedule

The schedule of a classroom event, how this is supported and who has the main responsibility for achieving behaviour change varies with every client. Broadly speaking, there are four main approaches:


The participant acquires knowledge and experiences skills development and practice opportunities via classroom event only. All other learning and workplace skills transfer is self-directed/supported using the Huthwaite tools and skills provided.

Classroom and digital

The participant experiences the three-stage learning journey over a period of weeks. They have access to digital learning assets and knowledge acquisition before any classroom event. They can then access further digital learning assets during the workplace transfer stage to embed and refresh the learning, along with access to Huthwaite tools.

Classroom, digital and coach

The participant experiences the above access to digital learning and is also supported by a Huthwaite trained coach, largely after the classroom event and during the workplace transfer stage of the learning journey.

Classroom, digital, coach and collaborative

The participant experiences a learning journey over a period of weeks and is supported throughout the journey as their peers and their coach interact within a social collaborative platform during the knowledge acquisition and workplace transfer stage of the learning journey.

Exercises and assignments are completed, feedback and guidance are provided within the platform. Participants also have a greater opportunity to interact with each other as they progress, ensuring momentum and motivation to change behaviour is maintained.


Huthwaite facilitators are some of the best, most experienced in the world. They bring with them their real-world business experience into the classroom which helps to create the rich experiences that advance the business priorities of your organisation.

Project management

We are a world leader in our ability to deliver consistent programmes. From large implementations that span the globe both geographically and culturally, to smaller programmes for SME’s that want to grow quickly and need to stand up and stand out! That’s a huge reassurance for our clients and a level of experience they find invaluable.

We can advise how to best manage your chosen Huthwaite learning journey, demonstrate greater business alignment and help you to achieve permanent behaviour change. Our Learning and behavioural change specialists work with you to seamlessly manage logistics and on-the-ground details throughout your Learning Journey with support from our dedicated and highly experienced support team.

Advantages for physical classroom delivery include:

  • It allows participants to learn in a quiet environment, away from the noise and pressures of the work area
  • A good instructor can adapt the training content to the specific needs of the participants in the classroom, following the lead of the participants to find ways to solve problems specific to the particular group
  • All group sizes can be accommodated, from very large ‘big tent events’ to smaller cohorts
  • The classroom environment provides the important “human touch,” which can be missed by some participants in technology-based training
  • Group interaction can help to enhance learning. Participants learn from one another as well as from the facilitator
  • The group setting can also encourage and teach people how to interact with one another in a professional, productive and cooperative way.

The Behaviour Change journey

All our classroom approaches support the whole learning journey structure, but their continued success depends largely upon the commitment of the participant. Many are extremely committed to their learning so the workplace transfer is self-managed successfully and behaviour change happens naturally. Others require the support of a trained coach and/or a collaborative platform where they can interact and receive feedback that will help them progress. Our job as behaviour change experts is to assess the aptitude and motivation for change and to recommend the best behaviour change journey for our clients.

Classroom-based training restrictions

Our ability to deliver classroom-based training internationally is currently restricted by the Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions. We are monitoring the position closely and are keen to resume classroom-based training as soon as it is safe and lawful to do so.

As the restrictions ease in certain countries, we are considering all client requests for future classroom training on a case by case basis, taking into account the associated risks. Thank you for your co-operation as we seek to keep everyone as safe as possible at this challenging time.

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