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Huthwaite Open sales and negotiation training gives individuals and smaller teams access to the world’s most effective behavioural skills – offering them a unique and powerful competitive advantage.

Our approach is based on research into what effective sellers and negotiators do. We’ve spent decades learning which key behaviours deliver outstanding performance, identifying what separates successful people from their less effective peers.

By pinpointing and practicing these behaviours and best practice with the help of Huthwaite experts, you can meet the needs of your customers and sustain new levels of business success.

SPIN Selling offers a framework for structuring sales conversations to uncover and develop needs and build value for your products and services. Overall, adopting the SPIN methodology will give you:

  • More sales at higher margins
  • fewer customer objections
  • a coherent approach to creating value
  • higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • shorter sales cycles
  • a consistent sales approach.


Download 'Why SPIN Selling?'


The Huthwaite SPIN sales training programme is for you if you are:

  • Looking to demonstrate value to a prospect or customer and improve sales performance
  • a sales or business development professional looking to adopt world class selling skills
  • a sales leader looking for a consistent sales methodology that all your team can adopt
  • in a role that has touch points with customers or clients and can help to advance the buying process - pre-sales consultants, inside sales, project managers, technical consultants and engineers, customer care professionals.


Training delivery – the choice is yours

As part of the 7-week SPIN learning journey you can choose to take part in face-to-face or virtual classes

Classroom SPIN Selling - for many clients and for various reasons, face-to-face, facilitator-led training is still the best solution for their learning needs. In our busy working days, offering a two day learning intervention away from desks where you have fewer distractions and can fully focus on the live training, presents a really valuable experience and high impact outcomes.

Virtual SPIN Selling for clients who want training to fit in with their working schedule, SPIN Virtual is delivered in focused 4 x 3.5 hour sessions over two weeks, allowing you to organise your learning around your work commitments and practice skills in-between your virtual instructor-led sessions.

Through our Complex Negotiations programme you will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important in your negotiations and how to secure the best outcome, through direct experience of strategy, tactics, preparation, planning and a unique behavioural success model. Overall, adopting our negotiation skills will give you:

  • More profitable deals
  • skills to manage the negotiation
  • improved processes
  • the ability to identify where and when your organisation has leverage
  • a common language and coherent approach
  • understanding where power lies and how to deal with it
  • the confidence to deal with difficult deals/people.


Download 'Why Complex Negotiations?'


The complex negotiation skills training programme is for you if:

  • You or your team participate in major negotiations where the issues are not straightforward, and the risks are perceived as high
  • you are part of a team or a principal negotiator, as buyer or seller – or have a role in intra-company negotiation
  • delegates that attend this course typically hold positions such as buyers and professional procurement consultants, as well sales negotiators.


Training delivery

Virtual Complex Negotiations for clients who want training to fit in with their working schedule the programme is delivered in focused 4 x 3-hour virtual classes and 2 x 90 mins feedback sessions over two weeks, allowing you to organise learning around your work commitments and practice skills in-between your virtual instructor-led sessions.

Following on from the successful verbal behaviours acquired in our world-renowned SPIN Selling programme, sellers who are involved in large and complex sales will benefit from our SPIN Opportunity Management training. Here you will learn and practice the insights, tools and techniques needed to successfully navigate your accounts.

The SPIN Opportunity Management sales training programme is specifically designed to help you win business in large, long and complex sales involving multiple decision makers. By the end of the programme you will know how to:

  • Reach and influence key decision making customers
  • influence their decision criteria in your favour
  • use tools to help plan and develop account tactics
  • prevent losses late in the sale
  • analyse competitors and strengthen your position
  • increase sales revenue and profitability.


Download 'Why SPIN Opportunity Management?'


Huthwaite’s SPIN Opportunity Management course is for you if you are:

  • a Sales Executive or Account Manager responsible for increasing lifetime customer value
  • a sales professional who manages long-cycle sales that involve multiple decision makers
  • looking for a common, proven sales methodology.


Training delivery 

Virtual SPIN Opportunity Management for clients who want training to fit in with their working schedule, our virtual training is delivered in focused 4 x 4 hour sessions over two weeks, allowing you to organise your learning around your work commitments and practice skills in-between your virtual instructor-led sessions.

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Why choose Huthwaite for your professional development?


We are 100% focused on sales and negotiation training – we have the biggest database of behavioural research in the world.


You’ll work with industry-leading trainers with extensive real-world experience who are trained to the highest standards themselves and subject to constant quality checks.


Whether you choose physical classroom or virtual classroom delivery, our training programmes are built around our award-winning collaborative learning journey.


It’s intense, hard work but hugely rewarding and offers you a set of skills and a certification that is highly valued by organisations across the world.


After the training, how do you ensure I will retain and use my new knowledge?

Whether you chose our physical classroom or virtual classroom delivery, Huthwaite takes all participants on a learning journey; from understanding the skills at the start through to enabling you to do or think differently by the end. But it isn’t just about the amount of time spent on that journey that matters - it’s about the valuable experiences you have within each of the stages you go through. It’s broadly divided into three phases. As you progress through the journey you will acquire new skills, adopt new behaviours and have opportunities to improve your commercial performance in real world situations


Knowledge Acquisition - we start with Knowledge Acquisition, ensuring you achieve the context and underpinning knowledge required to practice and develop newly introduced concepts.

Skills and Practice - we follow with Skills and Practice where you begin to apply and practice skills and develop them, supported by a Huthwaite subject matter expert and facilitator. The time and safe practice spaces are built into the learning journey so you’ll feel confident and supported enough to explore and use your new knowledge.

Workplace Transfer - then the all-important Workplace Transfer stage begins which ensures you continue applying the knowledge and skills acquired. This is where you’ll really begin to see your change in behaviour in real life situations.

Can I trial the training for my organisation on an Open programme?

Absolutely! Many of our clients who require a large, dedicated learning intervention involving many employees, will evaluate our methods via an Open Programme before proceeding. Many of our international clients have made our methods their de facto standard of operation and as such require newly appointed staff to attend the Open Programme as part of their induction. It makes for a vibrant mix of individuals and a deeply stimulating days of learning.

What are the specific benefits of open training workshops vs in-company sessions?

There has always been a place for open courses for ambitious individuals and where businesses do not have the number of delegates to run a group session. Our Open programmes offer many opportunities for you to:

  • Meet and network with peers from other organisations
  • practice skills in a safe environment out of the workplace and away from colleagues
  • share knowledge with people from other companies
  • receive feedback from people of a similar seniority and experience level
  • gain valuable insights from different industry sectors.
Tell me more about how learning transfers to the workplace.

SPIN Selling training - following your classes you will have access to:

  • Resources, tools and insights via the collaborative platform for up to 6 months

  • a series of assignments and tasks focused on the concepts of SPIN® in relation to your own products, services and customers

  • continued support and feedback from Huthwaite trained coaches.

Negotiation training -following your classes you will have access to:

  • Resources, tools and insights via the collaborative platform for up to 6 months
  • in addition to your practice case study, there is a series of assignments and tasks relating to your real world negotiations
  • the ability to check your progress by reviewing how your behaviours compare to our researched skilled negotiator profile.


SPIN Opportunity Management training -following your classes you will have access to:

  • Resources and insights via the collaborative platform for up to 6 months
  • a series of assignments and tasks relating to your real world experiences
  • tools to help you: Analyse and handle the competition; strategise your approach to the decision making unit; record where you are in the opportunity, plan what to do next and develop tactics to do it.


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Excellent SPIN Selling Course and Great Trainer.

Really interesting, engaging and informative course. I learnt a lot about implied and explicit needs and utilising effective questioning techniques to really build the value of the solution in the client's mind. Another key takeaway was how to structure a sales call for success. The course was conducted remotely/virtually with no issues at all. I would highly recommend.
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