Open Sales & Negotiation Training Courses – Overview

Not every circumstance requires a large scale learning programme. Smaller teams or individuals can still develop their sales, negotiation and communication skills to high standards through our Open Sales & Negotiation training Courses.

Our Open Sales & Negotiation training courses are a great way to improve your skills and knowledge but in a more affordable way. In our Open Sales & Negotiation training courses you will be taught our world-class methods alongside other delegates from different organisations, often from different countries too. It’s a great way to share insights and swap experiences. Each of our Sales & Negotiation courses are followed by our online learning tools to help you embed your new skills and remember key points over the following months.

Our Open Sales & Negotiation courses are very established and highly respected throughout Europe.

So much so that many of our clients who require a large, dedicated learning intervention involving many employees, will evaluate our methods via an Open Programme before proceeding. Many of our international clients have made our methods their de facto standard of operation and as such require newly appointed staff to attend the Open Programme as part of their induction.  It makes for a vibrant mix of individuals and a deeply stimulating two or three days of learning.

Based on our extensive research, each of our Open Sales & Negotiation courses shows delegates what the world-class standard, in either selling, negotiating or communicating, looks and feels like and then, through simulation, helps them to align their own behaviours to that standard. It’s intense, hard work but hugely rewarding.

You can book online today or if you have any questions call us on +44 (0)1709 710081 for an informal discussion.

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