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How Siemens Business Services achieve a win-win in negotiations

How Siemens Business Services achieve a win-win in negotiations

Outsourcing is one area of IT and business services which no sector of the economy can ignore - Graham Paxton, CEO of Business Development Outsourcing at Siemens Business Services.

Siemens Business Services is part of the Information and Communication division of Siemens and is well known in the market as being a specialist in outsourcing. Employing over 20,700 people worldwide, the company provides the IT function for many client companies and is working as a competent partner in the development of their IT and business strategies.

These kinds of projects usually involve complex contracts and the negotiations can be a real challenge for both parties, especially where there is more than one person on each side involved in the discussions.

Develop effective negotiation skills.

Siemens Business Services’s target is to enable its employees to act effectively in the negotiation process - effectively in the sense of achieving a Win-Win outcome. They want to work as partners with their clients. “An important foundation for the relationship can be built during the negotiation stages”, adds Graham Paxton.

To develop the skills that are vital for every negotiation, Siemens Business Services asked Huthwaite Deutschland to deliver Win-Win Negotiation training. The focus of this project is:

  • to achieve a broader range of negotiable options for customer and salesperson
  • to use effective preparation and planning to increase the flexibility of negotiators
  • to use effective bargaining
  • to develop strategies and tactics that enable the participants to gain competitive advantage by using more effective negotiation styles
  • to present individual behaviour profiles, based on Behaviour Analysis, to get a clear picture of the individual behaviour profile during the negotiation and to identify areas for personal development based on objective feedback provided by the trainers.

The training has been greeted as a success by Siemens Business Services, as Michael Knopper, Siemens Business Services, Outsourcing in Munich says: "It is very impressive to see experienced senior salespeople euphoric when coming back to work after attending the programme. The permanent feedback during the programme meant that participants were able to recognise where their skills could be developed and were even able to see some improvements in their skills during the programme."

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