Given the current state of global markets and supply chains, organisations must adapt their negotiation approaches. With economic uncertainty, narrow profit margins, and cautious buyers, traditional deal terms are subject to change. It is crucial for negotiators to reevaluate their industries, challenge previous market assumptions, and redefine their negotiation objectives. In times of significant global transformations like the pandemic, effective negotiation skills are more vital than ever. 

To drive profitability, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs in the realm of virtual and digital negotiations, it becomes essential to embrace negotiation training and enrol in negotiation skills courses. These courses offer the opportunity to acquire new, adaptable skills that are tailored to our rapidly evolving landscape of negotiations.

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Through our negotiation training programmes, Huthwaite helps many of the world’s largest organisations to adopt proven negotiation strategies.
We help procurement, sales specialists and many other business functions where negotiations take place. Your people might be involved in highly complex, set-piece negotiations or, negotiate relatively often but around smaller issues as part of their daily business life. We offer two different negotiation training programmes, to meet either set of needs.

Essential Negotiation Skills

Provides tools and skills to help your team avoid concessions, reach swift conclusions and sustain good relationships. If you regularly negotiate up to six issues (either externally or internally), your negotiations are often similar from one to the next, and you have the mandate to agree terms, then this is the solution for your team.

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Complex Negotiation Skills

Improves skills for commercial negotiators looking to analyse the context of a more complicated negotiation, develop advanced capability and consistently improve outcomes. Gain a deeper understanding of your organisation’s negotiation DNA and develop proven strategies and tactics to achieve the best outcomes, conclude sustainable terms and surrender less margin.

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Many global organisations depend on our negotiation training


Why invest in negotiation training?

Many of the top negotiators in the world are trained by Huthwaite International. They prefer to stay anonymous. Their skills are a powerful advantage their opponents don’t see coming.

We often hear of our clients getting a return on their investment in the very next deal they negotiate. The gains and savings our clients around the world have made run into millions. We helped one global energy supplier save £37 million in a single negotiation.

Developing your skills through our negotiation training programmes, could be the next step on your journey to transforming your business performance.

How do I implement a global negotiation training programme?

The scope of our international delivery is vast. We've managed and implemented training solutions for countless international clients so can help you achieve international consistency across however many countries your teams reside.

To do this, we deliver the same proven methodologies but via a deployment strategy designed to meet the needs of each of your teams and territories. In total we’ve worked in 109 countries and in 35 languages. We’ve worked across 69 countries for one global telecoms company alone. We are a world leader in our ability to deliver a consistent programme at this scale. That’s a huge reassurance for our clients and a level of experience they find invaluable.

What is the main difference between the Essential and Complex programmes?

Huthwaite Essential Negotiation Skills will benefit anyone who encounters regular or routine negotiation scenarios, where improved skills can make a big difference to ‘everyday’ negotiation outcomes. It’s perfect for teams who have the mandate to agree terms on a small range of issues, rather than more complex scenarios.

Our Complex Negotiation Programme is for anyone who negotiates regularly as part of their job, whether as part of a team or as a principal negotiator, as a buyer or seller – or for intra company negotiation.
Huthwaite trains people from procurement and purchasing teams to sales, HR and senior managers across all functions who are looking to elevate their skills, avoid concessions, surrender less margin and improve terms of business consistently and sustainably.

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Developing effective negotiation skills

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