Negotiation training

Our negotiation training programmes help organisations to establish more profitable deals and develop business relationships of the highest calibre.

Improving margins is tough. On one side, sales teams can find it difficult to add value in increasingly commoditised markets, and on the other, procurement professionals are looking to extract even more percentage points from their supplier base.

Both Sales and Procurement need to negotiate effectively across a range of increasingly complex business scenarios. By learning the skills to do this to the highest standards, margins can increase.

Through our negotiation training programmes, Huthwaite helps many of the world’s largest organisations to adopt proven negotiation strategy and best practice which result in more profitable and longer-term relationships.

Essential training for: Procurement, Sales and all functions where negotiations take place. Your people might be involved in highly complex, set-piece negotiations or, negotiate relatively often but around smaller issues as part of their daily business life. We offer two different negotiation training programmes, to meet either set of needs.

Negotiation performance solutions

  • Essential Negotiation Skills
    Provides tools and skills to help your team avoid concessions, reach swift conclusions and sustain good relationships. If you regularly negotiate up to six issues (either external or internal) and your negotiations are often similar from one to the next, and you have the mandate to agree terms, then this is the solution for your team. 
  • Complex Negotiation Skills
    Improves skills for buyers or sellers in much more depth. Understand your organisation’s negotiation DNA. Develop proven strategies and tactics to achieve the best outcomes, conclude sustainable terms and surrender less margin.

Why Invest in Negotiation Training?

We often hear of our clients getting a return on their investment in the very next deal they negotiate. Developing your skills through our negotiation training programmes, could be the next step on your journey to transforming your business performance. Find out more.

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“Our teams were taught how to build up a deal, understand the client, develop specific propositions and establish a profitable long term relationship. As a direct result our team has already won a significant large new client using this methodology.“

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