Huthwaite is an international training provider and behaviour change specialist. We help organisations to transform their sales and negotiation outcomes by helping to permanently change the behaviour of their teams. We have spent four decades studying the behaviours that are needed for successful business and helping organisations apply that knowledge through our skill development programmes.

Our approach is based on research into what effective sellers and negotiators do. We’ve spent decades learning which key behaviours deliver outstanding performance, identifying what separates successful people from their less effective peers.

By pinpointing and practicing these behaviours and best practice with the help of Huthwaite experts, you can meet the needs of your customers and sustain new levels of business success.

Change Behaviour. Change Results.

Huthwaite International’s training programmes use science-led research and analysis, with the aim of achieving sustainable behaviour change. Using world-renowned methodologies, we have studied effective behavioural skills, which ensure that salespeople, negotiators, and communicators across the world are consistently successful. 

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Our approach

The Huthwaite Learning Journey is divided into three phases. 

Knowledge Acquisition helps you and your teams to acquire new skills, before adopting new behaviours in phase 2, Skills and Practice. Finally, through Workplace Transfer, participants learn how to apply the knowledge and skills learned to improve commercial performance. 

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International reach

For companies who do business globally, a consistent standard for sales, negotiation, and communication practices are paramount to successful growth. We have a network of trainers across over 100 countries and in 25 languages, making us a world leader in delivering training programmes at this scale. Huthwaite International have managed and implemented training solutions for countless global clients, helping them achieve high standards for their teams across the world. Click here to find out more.

 “Huthwaite really did offer the ability to deliver around the world. Many companies claim to, but we have learned the hard way about language barriers, cultural differences and resourcing issues, even in Europe. Huthwaite convinced us by proving what they’ve done for other international organisations.” 

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The story of our virtual training programmes in 2021

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Why invest in Huthwaite training?

Your business will not reach its commercial potential unless it can properly sell, negotiate and communicate. The good news is that these are not skills you are born with, but ones which can be learned. The chances are that you already have the people inside your company who can make you successful – if they learn to do it right.

If you value your sales team and want them performing at their best, sales training should form a critical role in your organisation. 

By arming your customer facing teams with the skills to anticipate market changes and customer needs, they will be equipped to identify and seize sales opportunities. The better your salespeople are trained, the stronger your business is going to be.

A sales skills development programme from Huthwaite will help your organisation to:

  • Improve interactions with customers and build better client relationships
  • Have a more positive impact on customer service
  • Increase margin through more confidence in sales tactics and strategies
  • Achieve a common, world-class sales  approach and language across different teams
  • Motivate, engage and empower your customer facing teams
  •  Develop an unseen competitive advantage.

Many of the top negotiators in the world are trained by Huthwaite International. They prefer to stay anonymous. Their skills are a powerful advantage their opponents don’t see coming.

It’s not uncommon for the investment in a Huthwaite negotiation programme to be returned (and more) in the very next deal. The gains and savings our clients around the world have made run into millions. We helped one global energy supplier save £37 million in a single negotiation.

A skills development programme in Negotiation from Huthwaite will help your company to:

  •   Avoid concessions in major sales
  •   Save costs in major purchases
  •   Increase margins
  •   Achieve a common, worldclass negotiation approach and language across different teams
  •   Increase confidence in complex scenarios
  •   Cement equitable relations with strategic partners
  •   Develop an unseen competitive advantage.

For people to do their job effectively, they need hard skills: the technical know-how and subject-specific knowledge to fulfill their responsibilities. But in a forever-changed world of work, lesser-touted communication skills or 'soft skills' may be just as important – if not even more crucial.

How would your organisation benefit if you could build a support system of behaviours that created successful teams and leaders at every level.  People who possessed a library of effective communication behaviours that would allow your organisation to:

  • Deescalate difficult or emotional conversations and ensure people are treated fairly and with care
  • Develop a culture where everyone has a voice, and all ideas can be considered
  • Have meetings where the stimulation of both ideas and outcomes are fully understood and can be acted upon
  • Fully benefit from all training/learning because everyone possesses the skills to make it work

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Delivery options


Virtual classroom

A flexible, robust virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel and has all the key features of a physical classroom environment.

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Physical classroom

An engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus, with face-to-face, facilitator-led training.

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