SPIN® Coaching

The role of coaching can be crucial to helping newly acquired tools and techniques become habit and therefore helping your organisation to realise business benefits long into the future.

Huthwaite SPIN® Coaching is for anyone involved in sales coaching, including Sales Managers, HR and L&D specialists and peer-to-peer coaches. A SPIN® Coach will help their colleagues to compare their personal planning and verbal behavioural profile against our best practice model. It’s a crucial role in helping to embed practice and achieve long term performance improvement.

By the end of the SPIN® Sales Coaching programme, each participant will:

  • Be able to analyse and give feedback on SPIN® practices
  • Set measurable objectives for coaching
  • Recognise the different types of performance issues in their team
  • Prioritise coaching efforts within the team
  • Identify what areas to coach on and demonstrate different coaching styles and behaviours
  • Review, give feedback and coach individuals using SPIN® Coaching tools.


The SPIN® Sales Coaching programme consists of interactive exercises and roleplays, with participants working in small groups or pairs to practise and give feedback on the behaviours used.

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Download our SPIN® Coaching Overview brochure to discover programme objectives, contents, customisation options and practical details.

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