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Without support and reinforcement, some sellers struggle to transfer their newly acquired skills in the real world. In this way, the role of coaching can be crucial in helping newly acquired behaviours, tools and techniques become process habits, allowing your organisation to realise the business benefits of sales training long into the future.

Huthwaite SPIN Coaching is for anyone involved in sales coaching including Sales Managers, Human Resources, Learning and Development specialists and peer-to-peer coaches. A SPIN Coach will help colleagues to compare their personal planning and verbal behavioural profile against our best practice model. It’s a crucial role in helping to embed practice and achieve long term performance improvement.

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What is SPIN Coaching?

Adopting SPIN Coaching will give you

Coaching culture

Ability to create a coaching culture that delivers permanent behaviour change and long-term sales performance improvement.

Develop and empower

A consistent way of developing and empowering your sales team

Embed behaviour change

Coaching tools and activities that will embed behaviour change and optimize the coaching effort

Understand the role of coaching

A clear understanding of the coaching role and its impact on the business – at all levels

Better sales leaders

The building blocks to help managers become better sales leaders who take pride in and focus on the success of their team.


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There is no doubt that coaching has a marked impact on embedding skills. Having additional training in SPIN Coaching has given us the extra knowledge and confidence to drive the changes in behaviour that support our business goals. The regular reinforcement material from Huthwaite aids our effort and gives us all the nudge we need to keep focussed.

Gareth Allen, Operations Director, SmartSearch
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We help you to address issues like these:

Embed sales coaching tools

The SPIN planning tools are spreading well among our trained sellers; now we need to be sure they’re always used properly

Our SPIN Coaching toolkit allows for coaching around call planning, through live call observations and via the use of call reports/notes so coaches can accurately observe the proper use of SPIN behaviours and tools.

Measure sales coaching performance

We’re reluctant to invest in training when we can’t measure the impact it has had

Coaches can clearly measure levels of SPIN competency using the SPIN Toolkit. For coaches who want to look deeper there is the option to include Behaviour Analysis training to enable live observation of seller behaviour in real-world sales meetings.

Support sellers to embed new skills through coaching

Our people got great learning and insight from the SPIN training but we need to make sure their rate of behavioural change is supported once the Huthwaite people have said goodbye

Supporting SPIN trained sellers in their commitment to change is the most effective way to embed skills and build confidence.

Encourage sales coaching

We want our managers to coach but it just doesn’t happen – at least it doesn’t happen well

Huthwaite experts can make suggestions on how our SPIN coaching toolkit and activities can realistically be used by coaches and sellers every day.

Transfer sales skills through coaching

Our training gets highly rated but struggles to deliver the performance improvement we are looking for”

SPIN Coaching helps sellers to transfer their newly acquired skills in the real world.

SPIN Coaching is part of the SPIN Suite

Our ongoing research into customer behaviour means our SPIN methodology has evolved, allowing us to expand our training offering to other key areas in your business:


SPIN Selling

Learn how to understand your prospects and provide effective solutions for customers.

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SPIN Marketing

Reconnect sales and marketing by harmonising the way your teams think about their customers

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Account Strategy

Maximise complex sales opportunities. Focus on the journey customers make in arriving at a major buying decision.

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How we deliver SPIN Coaching training courses


Virtual classroom

A flexible, robust virtual classroom experience that eliminates the need for travel and has all the key features of a physical classroom environment.

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Physical classroom

An engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus, with face-to-face, facilitator-led training.

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Why Huthwaite International

Creators of the SPIN methodology

The creators of SPIN selling - the most renowned sales methodology in the world.

Backed by research into sales coaching

Backed by ongoing scientific research, adapting to changing customer behaviour.

International flexibility

Truly international, teaching SPIN selling behaviours to leading organisations across the globe.

Support your SPIN Selling skills with a SPIN Coaching plan

Start transforming your sales performance.

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