Complex Negotiation Skills Training

World class organisations need to negotiate to the highest standards to achieve the best outcomes without compromising long-term relationships. Complex Negotiation is an advanced programme within our negotiation training, that gives you and your team a deeper understanding of the DNA of a successful complex negotiation and the skills to achieve the best outcomes.

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Essential training for: purchasing and sales teams who work on complex negotiations and are looking to elevate their skills, avoid concessions, surrender less margin and improve terms of business consistently and sustainably.

In our Complex Negotiation Skills programme, we use Verbal Behaviour Analysis or VBA for short.  VBA is the means by which we analyse and measure verbal communication – the things that people say to each other in a given situation. It is the basis for all our methodologies and for providing reliable feedback as the basis for viable skill development.

We have used VBA to identify what successful seller and negotiators do, and have created best practice skills models so that everyone can emulate the skills that lead to success.  We also implement VBA within each learning session to analyse the current skill levels of participants and identify areas that can be practiced during our programmes.

Complex Negotiation also teaches you and your team about the power of behaviour and how to use behavioural skills to cultivate the best outcome. These skills provide a flexible framework to manage complex situations with clarity and maintain a good climate in the process – especially valuable when there is little or no time to prepare.

Huthwaite also offer Essential Negotiation Skills training, suitable for regular or routine negotiation scenarios, where improved skills can make a big difference to 'everyday' negotiation outcomes.

By the end of this Complex Negotiation Skills programme, participants will:

  • Understand the VBA model and the DNA of a world class negotiation
  • Know how to analyse the context of a negotiation and prepare an optimal negotiating position
  • Be able to differentiate between preparation and planning
  • Be familiar with best practice tools
  • Be able to calculate the cost of concessions
  • Be able to plan a variety of tactics to move the negotiation towards a desired outcome
  • Understand how to open and conclude a negotiation
  • Understand the concepts of levers and bargaining and how to apply them
  • Be able to describe and use the key behaviours used by world class negotiators
  • Be able to describe and avoid the behaviours that have a negative effect on negotiations
  • Know how to maintain a positive climate, deal with ‘dirty tricks’ and overcome stagnation or deadlock.

Participants will receive a benchmark review of their performance against the excellence negotiation model and be given constructive and objective feedback as well as their own personalised Action Plan for ongoing development.

A typical three day programme consists of interactive exercises and negotiation simulations – followed by expert feedback and review. The three day classroom event is staffed by three Huthwaite Consultants, for up to twelve delegates.

We have numerous customisation options to maximise the return on investment by aligning the event to your delegates’ real-world. These include:

  • Event duration (one to four days)
  • Buy-side, sell-side or mixed
  • Pre-programme consultation to assess gaps in processes, skills and confidence levels using the Huthwaite Negotiation Quick Test
  • Customised negotiation simulations
  • Coaching to help embed the training
  • Real deal workshops for negotiators using a Huthwaite coach.

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