Our approach

While each of our clients will have individual reasons for a learning intervention, they are ultimately striving for a sustainable improvement in their teams’ ability to either sell, negotiate or communicate.

We address both your individual and ultimate goals by following a defined process. It’s a five stage approach we call your Learning Journey.

At the heart of your Learning Journey lies two fundamental objectives:

Content: What world class performance looks like in your commercial environment.
Process: How best to achieve the behaviour change your teams need for that level of performance to happen.

It’s a method that’s tried and tested and starts with deep understanding for both sides, before moving on to integration and application of different learning approaches, and on into skills reinforcement. As you progress through the Journey your teams will acquire new skills, adopt new behaviours and improve their commercial performance.

It’s also a continuous approach that can be applied to ensure that new behaviours remain strong, as does the return on your learning investment.

Here’s an overview of the five stages.

Stage 1. Analysis

Every project starts with Analysis. We plan with your end in mind.  For example, we will review your cultural readiness for the development that’s about to happen. Culture refers to different geographical territories as well as to learning attitudes and aptitudes, even media preferences. Understanding the different cultures at play enables us to identify an optimised blend of learning channels. We also benchmark your teams’ current skill and knowledge levels to know how best to deploy the learning.  We also reconfirm your goals, agree targets, set milestones and determine the next steps. The first stage can be intense but it creates a blueprint for the entire programme. You know what to expect, we know what to deliver and the differences we are both working towards are clear.


Stage 2. Know Why, Know What (Acquire Knowledge)

As people we remember and apply a concept far better when we understand why we’re doing it. If we struggled with a particular subject in school it was often because we had failed to grasp its relevance. It’s crucial therefore that your teams understand the commercial context of their learning as well as the background to the skills themselves. This is the second stage of your Learning Journey. As we impart core skills we also explain the years of research and analysis upon which they are based. When participants have clarity around the context of their learning their confidence improves. Improved confidence means a more willing and sustainable application of their new way of working.


Stage 3. Know How (Skills Practice)

The third stage is about practicing the newly acquired skills so they become embedded. Practice goes hand in hand with expert feedback from highly skilled practitioners and facilitators. It’s a vital phase that allows any slippage into old habits to be quickly spotted and corrected. It also helps participants to become more self aware and so better able to spot when an adjustment is needed. Each participant also creates a Personal Action Plan so they can articulate and feel accountable for the change they want to see.  They are now becoming the drivers for change.


Stage 4. Do (Reinforce Learning)

This stage is one of two stages dedicated to reinforcement. Here participants continue to practise implementing their new skills and in doing so begin the transition from understanding to mastery.  Timescales for this stage vary greatly depending on the opportunities to practice and on the original skill levels involved, as identified in Stage 1. We help you through this period with ‘Just In Time’ micro learning support, tools, coaching and guidance.


Stage 5. Reflect / Share (Reinforce Learning)

Once new skills are more embedded and participants are becoming more fluent in what they need to do and why, they can help each other. This is the second stage of the reinforcement phase. It’s about learning socially and collaboratively and working with colleagues to provide mutual support, share stories and build collective expertise. This builds momentum and helps the acquired skills to become the now normal way of working.

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“The training has delivered a new way of working for us. Although hard work, the training was highly interactive, with lots of participation directly related to our everyday experiences. This gave us an easy transition back at work as we were able to put our new customer handling skills into practice straight away and embedded them as a standard way of working”


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