Our strategic partnerships help us to raise standards and influence best practice within our industry. They allow us to celebrate great achievement as well as light the path for those who want to improve their performance.


Huthwaite proudly maintains its affiliation with the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), which acts as the representative body for management consultancy firms in the United Kingdom. The MCA is renowned for its strict entry criteria and stringent Consulting Excellence Code of Practice, which ensure that member firms consistently provide high-quality services to their clients and observe provable ethical and internal quality standards.

Furthermore, Huthwaite has contributed actively to many MCA specialist areas, from our underlying design work and research for the MCA Consultancy Buyers Forum to our long-standing membership of the SME special interest group. We have also been pleased to run several specialist webinars and seminars on sales and negotiation best practice for MCA and Young MCA members for many years.


The Institute of Sales Professionals is an important guardian of the concept of sales as a profession, not just a job role. We at Huthwaite have always seen things the same way, which is why we are fully committed to meeting exacting standards and the thorough stress-testing of our content, delivery capability, fitness for client assignments and continuous quality improvement.

Endorsement by the ISP means that we are in an elite group of sales skills providers in whom clients – large or small, domestic or global – can have total and permanent confidence. And through that confidence we can all be certain that our professionalism is the key to developing their professionalism.


The SMA represents sales professionals at all levels and encourage fostering knowledge exchange, professional development, and networking among sales enthusiasts. 

As a research and thought leadership partner for sales, negotiation and communication, we actively support the SMA's mission by contributing valuable insights and expertise, helping to enhance the knowledge base and industry standards within the sales domain. Together, we strive to promote excellence in sales and maintain a vibrant community that discusses challenges, shares best practices, and stays informed about key developments in the sales profession.

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Our world-renowned research, insights and development approaches are delivered via a secure, collaborative learning platform. Huthwaite partner with and use the Promote International platform to increase participant engagement and achieve better performance results.

While working with them, we’ve achieved recognition and awards including a silver award for Best Program for Sales Training and Performance in the Brandon Hall Group Sales Performance category.

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As a business founded on methodologies built on science-led research and analysis, it’s vital that Huthwaite continues to collaborate with the best of academia so we can always translate the research we do into real-world application and impact, and to do this, we joined forces with Cranfield University's School of Management.

We have been guest speakers at the Cranfield KAM Club, Key Account Management Forum and MBA invitation events and, in 2023, were part of the Cranfield Masters in Management scheme.

A top Cranfield Management MSc helped to update our original research into interactive skills and behaviours as applied to meetings. This research identified the original categories of Initiating, Reacting and Clarifying (IRC) behaviours and subsequent research sought to identify skill models based on optimum combinations of Verbal Behaviours in different contexts. The 2023 Cranfield project re-examined a sub-set of those interactive behaviours in the light of societal, technological and business process changes to identify new developments in their relationship to successful outcomes.

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