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In many organisations, the Sales and Marketing interface is contentious. It’s common for the two functions to misunderstand each other and be misaligned. The SPIN® Marketing workshop helps re-connect the ways Sales and Marketing think about customers, so that they can act in greater harmony.

In this programme, we pay close attention to scenarios from your existing or planned marketing campaigns, whether the bias is more towards traditional brochure and press activity, or heavily dependent on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

Through this programme we help marketers to:

  • Understand the psychological phases that buyers go through when making significant buying decisions
  • Evaluate the customer’s buying criteria and optimise your competitive position around your key differentiators
  • Learn how to conduct competitive analyses at a market and product level to help build the brand establish differentiation
  • Build a comprehensive persuasive case around your strongest differentiators
  • Use SPIN® to reverse-engineer your products or services to arrive at the added value the customer will gain from your solution
  • Understand why concerns arise and how they block sales
  • Understand how the right marketing messages can pre-handle and neutralise them
  • Learn how to position new products as problem solvers to prompt early adoption by customers and help the sales force make full and immediate use of their SPIN® selling skills
  • Apply SPIN® based messages to your own live marketing situations
  • Evaluate how customer-centric your existing marketing examples are.

This two-day SPIN® Marketing Skills workshop is facilitated by a Huthwaite consultant for up to twelve delegates. The workshops includes real case work and this is identified, and teams allocated to cases, before the workshop starts.

We can customise the workshop format to meet your exact needs.

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