Urgo Medical - evidencing sales training return on investment

Written by Huthwaite International

A sales transformation success story

Every organisation that embarks on a training project – particularly in a vital discipline like sales skill – wants to know that it’s working. There have always been soft measures to establish whether people have enjoyed themselves and whether people feel they have learned something. But how often can everyone involved actually prove, in hard financial terms, that the investment in the training has been repaid many times over?

By measuring sales performance as well as the changes in behaviour that result from the project, Huthwaite International and leading wound care company Urgo Medical have done just that. Now Urgo Medical UK Managing Director Justin Cole has explained, in powerful detail, how it was done and the sales productivity results that we delivered. The respected and authoritative International Journal of Sales Transformation has just published his in-depth report of the ground-breaking project.

In the article, Justin recalls the sales skills and performance levels that sparked the intervention in the first place and how Huthwaite consultants worked with Urgo Medical salespeople, managers coaches and marketing staff to bring about:

  • a five-fold increase in the number of sales or other advances achieved by the most closely studied group
  • an irrefutable 40% upturn in sales in the aftermath of the full training project
  • a platform for a 35% expansion of the sales team.

Learn why the convergence of data and sales behaviour the key to success in medical device sales.

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