How Nutreco uses SPIN® Selling to meet its strategic sales objectives and adapt to new challenges

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Nutreco aimed to elevate their sales approach to consultative selling, particularly crucial for their technical products, amidst a shift to remote work and digital interactions.


Implementation of SPIN Selling methodology with SPIN Coaching enhanced sales managers' skills and improved new sales competencies across global operations.


Nutreco's adoption of SPIN Selling facilitated a value-based approach, measured through increased revenue, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer satisfaction, with ongoing review cycles ensuring adaptation to market changes.

Getting started

In 2019, Nutreco embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance their sales competencies with a sharp focus on consultative selling. This approach aimed not just to refine sales tactics but to elevate the overall sales discourse to a consultative level. A pivotal element of this transformation was the adoption of the SPIN Selling methodology, facilitated by Huthwaite, a leader in sales performance improvement.

"The response to the SPIN Selling sessions was overwhelmingly positive. Sales managers, even those with extensive experience in various sales methodologies, found the SPIN structure logical and easy to understand, yet comprehensive enough to challenge and refine their selling strategies"

Gert van Bokhorst
Manager Commercial Excellence, Nutreco


Selection process

The journey began with an intensive selection process involving multiple partners. Nutreco’s leadership sought a methodology that could seamlessly integrate into their existing frameworks while providing robust support for their unique needs. The choice of Huthwaite and their SPIN Selling methodology was driven by several factors, primarily the dual focus on enhancing selling skills and, critically, the coaching competencies of sales leaders. This strategic choice set the stage for a transformative sales training program.


Implementation kicked off in May 2020, a challenging period due to the global shift towards remote work and digital interactions. Nutreco adapted by transitioning to online courses, a move that proved successful and allowed for seamless training across its global operations. The online format not only facilitated widespread engagement but also ensured that the sales teams received consistent training, irrespective of their geographical locations.

Key objectives and challenges

The core objective of the SPIN Selling training was to instil a value-selling approach, a crucial element for a company like Nutreco, whose sales force deals with highly technical and specialised products. The challenge was significant: shifting the focus from traditional feature-dumping to a more nuanced, needs-based selling approach. This was particularly challenging for a sales force accustomed to leveraging product features, rather than exploring client needs.

Impact and feedback 

The sessions were appreciated across the board, and participants recognised them as adding significant value to their skill sets. Before measuring the success of the program, it's essential to define what success looks like. For Nutreco, this meant:

  • Increase in Sales revenue: Tracking the growth in sales figures post-training compared to the same period in previous years.
  • Improvement in Sales efficiency: Reduction in the sales cycle length, increased average deal size, or improved conversion rates from leads to sales.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Higher customer retention rates and more positive customer feedback due to more tailored solutions and consultative selling approaches.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) 

To quantitatively measure the effectiveness of the SPIN Selling training, Nutreco focuses on several KPIs:

  • Revenue per Salesperson: Measures any changes in the revenue generated per salesperson, indicating whether salespeople have become more effective in their roles.
  • Deal conversion rate: Tracks the percentage of leads that convert into sales before and after training, a direct indicator of sales effectiveness.
  • Customer retention rate: Since SPIN Selling emphasises understanding customer needs, a higher retention rate could indicate more effective sales strategies.
  • Sales cycle duration: A decrease in the length of the sales cycle could suggest that salespeople are more efficient at closing deals, a key goal of SPIN Selling.

By using these methods, Nutreco can effectively measure and articulate the benefits of its SPIN Selling training program, ensuring it continues to meet its strategic sales objectives and adapt to new challenges.


Nutreco’s initiative to adopt and implement the SPIN Selling methodology has marked a significant milestone in its sales strategy. The feedback from the training sessions highlights the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in sales practices. Looking ahead, Nutreco is poised to continue leveraging these new competencies, ensuring that its sales leaders and teams are equipped to meet the evolving needs of their clients and the market.

"Looking ahead, Nutreco is poised to continue leveraging these new competencies, ensuring that its sales leaders and teams are equipped to meet the evolving needs of their clients and the market". 

Gert van Bokhorst
Manager Commercial Excellence, Nutreco


Nutreco and Huthwaite International

Nutreco is a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed. With experience that spans over 100 years, they are guided by quality, innovation and sustainability. Employing over 11,000 people in 35 countries and with sales in over 90 countries, they started to embed the SPIN® methodology across their business in 2019 and continue to focus on extending and improving SPIN® skills across the business. Together, we have built a strong business relationship over the last 5 years, meeting the evolving skills requirements of their dedicated teams who are concerned with creating real value for their customers.

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