Essity ensure their sales and marketing skills fully support their sustainability efforts

Written by Huthwaite International


Building a sales skillset that will ensure all customer conversations consider sustainability implications in a way that is fair, appropriate, deserving of trust and fully considers where the customer is in the product lifecycle.


Teams working together using SPIN® Selling supported by SPIN® Marketing ensures they understand what stage their customers are at in their sustainability journey, asking questions around the importance of quality and use of product and, if required, educating customers’ about the product lifecycle.


SPIN® trained teams create value and true benefits based on real customer needs – and thus create a successful sustainable business cycle instead of a product sale based on a short-term solution.

Building a sustainable business future

For Essity, the corporate social responsibility and sustainability agenda lies at the heart of their business so it was crucial for them to fully understand how they can link their sustainability and sales efforts - using the SPIN methodology throughout the customer journey ensures they can lead their business into a more sustainable and successful future.

"It is really important that we understand the priorities of our customer and their stage in the lifecycle, partnering on topics like people, planet and profit. That's why its vital to train marketing and sales so they add value and not just sell products".

Reneé Remijnse, Sustainability Comms Director, Professional Hygiene Essity Netherlands B.V. 


"Using the SPIN methodology, salespeople can really help their clients to understand the value they can bring to complex issues like sustainability".

Marco Weijers, Regional Development Director, Huthwaite International

Essity and Huthwaite International

Essity's mission is to sustainably develop, produce, market and sell value-added products and services within hygiene and health.  They are an organisation committed to this sustainability mission across departments and we look forward to a long-term relationship, rolling out our SPIN sales and marketing programmes across more teams who are concerned with creating value for their customers.

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