Scientifica uses SPIN Selling to convert more opportunities

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Scientifica wanted to implement a sales training methodology that would improve customer conversations and ultimately grow revenue.


SPIN selling was fully embedded across their newly restructured EMEIA sales team, positively effecting sales processes and team communications.


EMEIA sales team experienced immediate ROI following SPIN training and leadership team played a key role in driving performance, engagement and behaviour change.

Seeking a long-term sales training implementation for growth

Scientifica’s journey with Huthwaite began when their new Sales Manager, Dan Metcalf, recommended SPIN to his colleagues “I had previous knowledge of SPIN, so I knew how effective it was and believed it would be our best choice to improve sales conversations”. Once the team at Scientifica saw that Huthwaite had a flexible approach to delivery, coupled with the most widely respected research in the sales world and the practical skills and tools they needed to grow, the team embarked on a SPIN learning journey.

A fast track to results

Goals for their SPIN journey included creating a consistent sales language, improving sales behaviours and conversations with leads and customers, and increasing revenue. Now they are on the fast track to results.

"Since we’ve had SPIN training our conversion rate (won vs lost) has improved from 10% to 23% so we’re definitely doing better relative to our competitors. Our overall pipeline conversion (including open opportunities) has improved from 15% to 18% despite being in the midst of the many challenges we’ve faced due to Covid. We have also seen improvements in our internal communication, sales predictions and team training now we have a shared sales language."

Dan Metcalf, Sales Manager EMEIA, Scientifica

"SPIN provides a framework to plan and conduct meetings to develop opportunities with clarity. It taught me terminology for sales behaviours and how to link customers’ reactions to success in sales and highlights where lessons can be learned."

Geoff Ingram, Product Specialist EMEIA, Scientifica

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Leadership team play essential supporting role

Scientifica were keen to fully embed the SPIN behaviours into their sales world. They were aware that what happens in the classroom is just the beginning of the learning process and that when salespeople perceive learning as relevant, useful and valuable, they are more likely to actually apply and practice their newly learned skills. Once these skills and behaviours are inherent, tangible results soon follow.

"A year ago, our salespeople simply didn’t have the right structure and unified sales language for effective sales management. We can really see the impact the SPIN training has had on our day-to-day selling and how they connect better both with customers, and together as a sales team. It’s really satisfying and rewarding to see the progress they’ve all made by getting fully behind the SPIN learning journey – leadership, sales management and salespeople."

Angela Toates, Head of People Services, Scientifica

Sustainable behaviour change

The Huthwaite SPIN Selling methodology is built on Huthwaite’s rigorous behavioural research into what the very best salespeople in the world do differently. The full learning journey that was implemented at Scientifica ensures the sustainable delivery of behaviour change through the following stages:

  • Acquire knowledge online learning to be completed before the classroom workshop
  • customised content practice sessions, roleplays and case studies were customised to simulate the Scientifica customer world
  • practise skills classroom workshop
  • workplace transfer applying the principles and skills to actual sales opportunities.

Key outcomes

  • Because the leadership team were fully onboard from the outset, learning journey implementation was quick and efficient so Scientifica started to see the value of SPIN immediately
  • a common sales methodology and language gave them transparency across the team to help manage leads, opportunities and customers at every stage of the buying cycle
  • a unified view of their customer buying cycle meant great team efficiency, a framework for planning sales calls and an overall reduction in customer objections
  • having the leadership team as committed stakeholders and the sales managers watching and supporting the team, ensured the learning was fully embedded throughout the sales process. This built accountability, helped learning retention and provided the energy required for true behaviour change.

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Scientifica and Huthwaite International

Scientifica is a multi-award-winning neuroscience technology firm specialising in electrophysiology and imaging solutions. The sales team at Scientifica have just begun their journey with Huthwaite - we are working together to develop supporting virtual and face to face programmes to bring them even more delighted customers and positive, focused and motivated sales and marketing teams across their UK and International teams. 

Develop your SPIN Selling training plan  Develop your personalised training plan today and learn how you can;    *  Improve the performance of your sales team   *  create a consistent sales approach    *  increase sales at higher margins.

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