Beckman Coulter delivers global sales training project

Written by Huthwaite International

Since the launch event for 60 managers of the Pro-sell project being introduced by Beckman Coulter to give their global salesforce a common sales approach and language, a fully customised SPIN Selling project has been delivered to salespeople worldwide.

The project involved Huthwaite Incorporated in the USA with Huthwaite International managing the European implementation. Programmes were successfully delivered in local languages in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Holland in addition to the programmes in the USA, UK and South Africa.

Beckman Coulter’s Gary Hopgood commented on the project - “All our locations were delighted with the quality of the training and by the fact that it was delivered in the local language. A measure of the success of the programmes is that each country has requested that the same Huthwaite trainers deliver the next stage of the project.”

Coaching support

Beckman Coulter’s Pro-sell approach already includes monthly communications to the sales team to advise and help them with sales related information. This approach has included SPIN reinforcement material so that salespeople receive regular updates on the SPIN approach.

Sales managers have been trained to provide both field coaching on actual sales calls and off-the-job reinforcement sessions, to ensure that SPIN Skills continue to develop beyond the classroom.

Training for marketing

To embed the SPIN approach into the organisation, programmes were also delivered to the marketing teams to examine the ways in which SPIN can be integrated into product launches and brochures.

Finally, to ensure all customer facing people understand the same sales language, one-day workshops have been delivered to the sales support staff.

SPIN Opportunity Management

The next stage of the project involved the delivery of SPIN Opportunity Management and examines the range of skills and strategies needed to win large account sales. Customisation of the sales simulation, around which this programme is built, commenced prior to the roll out of the project into Europe, again delivered in local languages.

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