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Account Strategy training gives sales professionals the correct mix of skills, processes and tools to build better customer relationships and win more business opportunities when the complex sale cycle is longer.

Account strategy helps sellers to address these issues:

Customer account navigation

"Our customer relationship management system is fine at telling us where we are now, but not what we should do next or how we should do it"

Sales opportunitiy forcasting

"Our team finds it hard to describe real progress in the opportunity in a way that we can all understand, and use as a basis for forecasting"

Competitive differentiation

"It’s critical that we understand what competitors are doing, and how the prospect thinks of us in relation to them"

Access to decision makers

"We can’t seem to get to the real decision makers, and we struggle to articulate a persuasive value proposition when we do"

Long-term customer engagement

"Our customer engagement is short-lived. We are too reactive and miss out on the chance to influence our clients long-term"

Procurement price pressures

"Procurement seems to be calling the tune and keeps telling us that the only differentiator is price"

Demonstrating value

"Even when we’ve offered the customer a viable service, they still don’t see us as the obvious supplier"

Handling end of sales cycle concerns

"We lose business just when we think we've converted the customer."

What is Account Strategy?


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The virtual learning journey was just as good, if not better than face to face learning, this is because our interactions with clients are taking place virtually all the time therefore learning in this way is extremely valuable

Christian Blomberg, Chief Customer Officer & Co-founder, Solvemate
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Key advantages of virtual delivery


Virtual training for virtual complex sales

Experiencing skills in a virtual environment prepares account sellers for customer interactions that may also involve virtual communication.


Attend from anywhere

Attend virtual sessions from anywhere with a good internet connection minimising work schedule disruption.


Reduced travel expenses

Reduce travel expenses and bring geographically spread groups together where traditional training is difficult.


Practice new skills

Virtual sessions are spread out allowing on the job practice between sessions with expert facilitators. This helps to embed learning throughout.


Engaging virtual sessions

Experience engaging expert trainer presentations with the ability to ask questions and engage in debate during live sessions.


Virtual breakout rooms

Take part in virtual breakout sessions for group simulation work.


Collaborative platform

Learning is supported by digital resources. Peers can share their valuable experiences and support each other throughout the learning process and back in the workplace.


Immediate work place integration

New skills and processes are immediately integrated within live and up-coming campaigns to embed new behaviours quickly.

Account Strategy course information

What will Account Strategy training enable sellers to do differently?

As trained practitioners, sales teams can use best practice to navigate and manage their client accounts to:

  • gain better access to the real decision makers and present a persuasive business case

  • understand how decision making units operate and respond appropriately

  • navigate the decision making unit more effectively

  • demonstrate a proactive win strategy and be better prepared to handle the competition

  • have a clear overview of the status of the opportunity and a progression formula

  • eliminate late-cycle concerns.

How will our business benefit from Account Strategy training?

Businesses benefit from Account Strategy training in significant ways including:

  • transparent opportunity management, monitoring and direction

  • long-term profitable customer relationships

  • reduced cost per sale.

The Account Strategy experience

Our world-renowned research, insights and development approaches are delivered via a synchronous, live training experience with all the key features of a physical classroom, coupled with the space to practice and master skills learned between activities.

Participants will experience:

  • expert virtual trainer presentations delivered in focused sessions

  • lively peer group discussions

  • interactive elements during sessions to check learner knowledge

  • virtual breakout groups for simulation work allowing for skills practice

  • simulation review and discussion around real world implications

  • how to incrementally build and execute an effective complex sales campaign

  • how to map the decision making unit

  • how to find and interact with various key players within an account

  • how customers arrive at the decision criteria they use

  • how to influence the criteria in their favour

  • the principles of competitive advantage

  • how to influence customers decision guidelines in your favour

  • why sales stall close to the decision

  • why selling skills don’t help you at this stage

  • how to resolve concerns to your advantage

  • customer concerns about risk.

The technology and virtual experience

Presenting and delivering interactive online sessions requires very specific skills that Huthwaite facilitators have developed over years of delivering virtual training. All Huthwaite facilitators have experience of delivering virtual classroom programmes to companies of all sizes.

Currently, our programme can be easily delivered on two virtual platform technologies, Zoom and Webex Training. At the beginning of every programme, we ensure participants get the best, most enjoyable experience possible from our virtual training with a crucial orientation session that ensures they fully understand the interaction tools and can experience the virtual environment in full.

Our digital collaborative platform includes an onboarding module which ensures participants can fully engage on the platform and appreciate the learning experience together.

Programme schedule

Unlike the face-to-face classroom, it is hard for participants to focus on a virtual programme for three solid days which is why we reimagined our entire Account Strategy learning journey for the virtual world. Access to digital learning resources offer various activities that take around 20-30 minutes in preparation for the timetable of virtual sessions which last a maximum of 4 hours each.

Project management

We can assist with all aspects of organisation including clear instruction around timings and participant expectations as well as tips on how your teams can make the most of their virtual and digital experiences.

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