How did Urgo Medical increase sales by 20%?

Written by Huthwaite International

Urgo Medical increase sales by 20%

In a short video testimonial Justin Cole, Managing Director at Urgo Medical, shares how Huthwaite International's SPIN®Selling implementation project has made a positive impact on sales for Urgo Medical. Watch the video below.

In Justin's testimonial he shares insights into:

  • why Urgo chose SPIN® Selling and how it fits with the organisations needs
  • how Huthwaite understood the challenges being faced by Urgo
  • Urgo customer reactions since the SPIN® implementation
  • how they have achieved a measurable impact and an increase in sales by 20%
  • how Huthwaite and SPIN® have added value to Urgo
  • the relationship between Huthwaite and Urgo and how it worked.

Download the full SPIN® project report with Urgo Medical below.


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