Business Academy Aarhus and Huthwaite partner to develop a flexible learning journey

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Offer a research based, sales methodology that builds lasting sales competencies and can be offered as a stand-alone course or as part of a more rounded sales and marketing academy education.


Build a sales virtual learning programme that combines classroom, virtual and e-learning elements to fully support sales knowledge and develop long term skills during the pandemic and beyond.


An internationally recognised SPIN selling certification programme and sales toolkit that delivers sustainable sales behaviour change.

A public sector accredited sales programme

This innovative sales programme is the beginning of a new partnership between Huthwaite and Business Academy Aarhus. BAA is always interested in combining theory with practice and have experience collaborating with partner companies which allows them to create real commercial value for both the students and companies they serve.

"Students who are balancing the demands of their job with study time benefit from a flexible learning journey and experienced trainers who can adapt to the challenges presented by a diverse cohort from various business sectors, job functions and backgrounds."

Martin Søvsø, Managing Director, StraBl Consult

For BAA, choosing the right sales methodology was instrumental in building the kind of sales programme that would appeal to professionals from organisations both large and small, from different sectors and backgrounds and across a broad age range. As SPIN Selling is based on the most validated and widely respected research within the sales world, not only did it meet the needs of the students it would serve, but also the educational rigour demanded by an established and respected business academy.

"For many of our students who do not have a background in sales, SPIN has completely altered their mindset and how they approach their sales activities – it has given them structure and skills they can practice immediately in the workplace."

Conny Thoftdahl Westphall, Chief Consultant, Aarhus Business Academy

The Huthwaite Learning Journey

SPIN Selling is built on Huthwaite’s rigorous behavioural research into what the very best salespeople in the world do differently. The full learning journey implemented at BAA ensures the sustainable delivery of behaviour change through the following stages:

  • acquire knowledge online learning completed before the virtual/classroom workshops
  • practise skills within a virtual or physical classroom workshop
  • workplace transfer applying the principles and skills to actual sales opportunities
  • coaching support Huthwaite experts.

Key student outcomes

  • Sales skill improvements made straight away
  • basic insight into elements of sales psychology covered, alongside acquisition of practical sales skills give depth to the learning
  • the knowledge and tools to customise communication and sales strategies for all customers
  • professional Huthwaite consultants and sales coaches on hand to offer objective views and recommendations on real case sales challenges.

"SPIN simply makes sales better and easier. I like to work in a very consultative way, so the SPIN methodology and structure completely makes sense to me and fits perfectly with the way I like to work. I can now structure my sales work into flexible plans, supplemented with my own knowledge about the customer and their business. Personally, I learned most from the amazing SPIN trainers and the different real-life sales scenarios we worked on."

Eva Maria Nornes Olsen, COO, Solsten Diagnostics International

Business Academy Aarhus and Huthwaite International

BAA is focused on creating value for students and companies alike. They like to form partnerships with specialist organisations and collaborate to bring the very best researched and innovative programmes to their students. The partnership with BAA forms part of a strategic approach Huthwaite has taken with public sector education, focusing on strategic collaborations with respected institutions around the world, offering high quality sales, negotiation and communication learning and development solutions.

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