Pfizer use SPIN® for a Winning Combination

Written by Huthwaite International

The sales team has been working together successfully for over two years and Pfizer felt that it was the right time to develop their skills further, to meet the new challenges of selling the growing range of products which it is offering.

“For many years we used the PACT sales system as a tool to create effective sales teams,” says Training Manager, Jan Baklund. “But we were impressed by Huthwaite International, its research and its innovative ideas on improving sales effectiveness.” All three members of Pfizer Norway’s training department have qualified as SPIN® instructors and will be training the entire Pfizer Norway sales force in conjunction with consultants from Huthwaite Norway. The training will be reinforced by the sales mangers who have been trained in SPIN® Coaching Skills. “With SPIN® Selling our field force will be armed with the best sales performance system to sell the best products on the market. We expect that to be a winning combination.”

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