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Verbal Behaviour Analysis

Over the years it’s been our mission to decode verbal effectiveness. Verbal Behaviour Analysis or VBA for short, is the result.

VBA is the means by which we analyse and measure verbal communication – the things that people say to each other in a given situation. It is the basis for all our methodologies and for providing reliable feedback as the basis for viable skill development.

Every human being is enormously skilled at carrying out the normal functions of being a person in a complex social world. Many of us are completely unaware of how skilled we are and, more importantly for learning purposes, we are very often unaware of exactly how we go about doing what we are so good at.

By doing something repeatedly and modifying our action in response to feedback, our skills improve. This works fine when the feedback is based on hard and fast rules that cannot be disputed. In less precise contexts, such as many forms of communication, it is harder to receive (or offer) feedback that is accurate, objective and usable. Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) is a way of bridging this gap.

We have used VBA to identify what successful seller and negotiators do, and have created best practice skills models so that everyone can emulate the skills that lead to success.

We also implement VBA within each learning session to analyse the current skill levels of participants and identify areas that can be practiced during our programmes.

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