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It’s clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought greater focus to the need for effective communications in many areas, but particularly to the world of virtual communication that we now live and work in.

We know these skills are vital not just in crises, but for every key business initiative an organisation undertakes and each customer/colleague interaction you have. Effective communication can be the critical factor in whether those initiatives and interactions succeed and goals are achieved. And the verbal behaviours we use in each interaction aren’t fixed or predetermined. They can be improved, and so the results we see in our businesses and professional lives improve too.

Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) is the research and training methodology that underpins all Huthwaite programmes and aims to give you the skills that match, as closely as possible, to our validated models used by skilled communicators. The behaviours we focus on resulted from a large scale Huthwaite behavioural study over four years. During this study we analysed people in a huge number of interactive situations to gain insights into the behaviours which lead to communication effectiveness.

These essential verbal behaviours are included in our ‘communicating in a virtual world’ training which is now available as an open virtual programme, designed to suit anyone who finds themselves using virtual or remote communication tools.

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What will you learn?

You will gain insights and skills to understand what is really important when communicating virtually and by the end of the workshop you will:

  • Understand the main challenges in communicating in a virtual world and building trust in your virtual environment
  • Understand the key verbal behaviours you’ll need to help deliver clear communications and develop core communication skills to apply in your real world
  • Engage people in a way that achieves the desired outcome and manage your communication airtime
  • Be able to understand and prepare for your meeting/communication purpose and facilitate effective communications using persuasive information
  • Have insight into using variety and emphasis in your communications to help messages land more effectively
  • Know how to deal with different reactions to communications that affect people’s perceptions and behaviours

How is the programme delivered?

This half-day (3 hour) master class offers an interactive workshop environment that utilises participant polls; interactive chat functions and short breakout groups. This helps to ensure you fully understand and hone new skills that will ultimately increase your confidence when communicating virtually.

How does learning transfer to the workplace?

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Choose which behaviours to change in order to be more effective in communicating
  • Build a common language and core tools that ensure you can communicate with clarity and precision
  • Have a platform for other specific skill sets based around verbal behaviour such as how to play your part in and manage effective meetings, how to manage and communicate within a team and how to prepare persuasive presentations and value propositions

Who should attend this workshop?

This interactive workshop is for you if:

  • you or your team are involved in making a case to others (persuading or selling)
  • you are tasked with finding solutions to problems in a group setting
  • you need to build or manage a team of people


We train people in a variety of roles at many different levels and within a wide range of sectors.

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