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Sales open courses

We can help take your sales, negotiation and communication performance to a higher level. Take a look below for a brief description of each sales training course to see what works best for you.

 SPIN® Selling – Open Courses

SPIN® Selling is the definitive course for consultative selling in a business-to-business environment. SPIN® has proved to be one of the most effective ways to improve your sales success and deliver bottom line results.
SPIN® Selling – Open Courses

This an intensive three day programme where you will learn the techniques and behaviours used by some of the world’s most successful sales people.

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PITCH™ – Open Courses

PITCH™ Selling Skills is the definitive course for winning new client business, on the telephone or face-to-face when interaction time is limited. After implementation, it has been shown to deliver a 150% month on month increase in new client acquisition, and a 20% increase in the sale of additional products.

PITCH™ – Open Courses

This is a 2 day course that teaches you how to talk persuasively in a shorter context, how to identify where your customers are in their decision process and respond accordingly and more.

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Account Strategy for Major Sales – Open courses

Account Strategy for Major Sales (ASMS) is highly appropriate for sales managers, account managers, sales executives and any other specialists tasked with the management of long – cycle sales involving multiple influencers/decision makers, strong competitive activity and a perceived risk for the customer of making the wrong decision. By the end of the programme you will know how to reach and influence all the key customers involved in the decision making process, how to influence their decision criteria in your favour and how to analyse your competitors and strengthen your position against them.

Account Strategy for Major Sales – Open coursesYou will also also learn how to achieve a significant increase in sales revenue and profitability. This is an intense and interactive 3 day course.

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SPIN® Marketing – Open Courses

SPIN® Marketing Workshop draws on the principles of SPIN® Selling to enable you to produce marketing messaging that is not only more persuasive but more consistent with the sales activities of a SPIN®-trained salesforce. The course will help you to identify how customer-centric your existing marketing is and how to take it forward by building a more persuasive case around your strongest differentiators.

SPIN® Marketing – Open CoursesThis is a 2 day course where you will learn how to conduct competitive analyses at a market and product level and use that to strengthen your differentiation, positioning and messaging.

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Large group bookings

All our programmes are for a maximum of 16 people and include one or two trainers depending on the course. If you are interested in making a booking for a large group from your business you may benefit from one of our bespoke, in-house courses, whereby we tailor the course to your specific business and deliver it at a venue of your choice.

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