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Classroom SPIN Selling Training Course

For many clients and for various reasons, face-to-face, facilitator-led training is still the best solution for their learning needs - providing an engaging, personal classroom experience that encourages deep focus.

In our busy working days, offering learning interventions away from desks where participants have fewer distractions and can fully focus on the live training, presents a really valuable experience and high impact outcomes.

The Huthwaite SPIN Selling programme is aimed at anyone in sales, business development or in other customer-facing roles where demonstrating value to a prospect or customers is an important part of what you do - or should be doing.

Our SPIN programmes provide an opportunity for genuine skill development as a platform for making permanent behaviour change that will positively affect sales performance and provides insights into how buying decision are made.

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SPIN Courses in the United Kingdom

Our courses around the world

Our SPIN sales training course is an intensive two (UK)/three day programme where you will learn the techniques and behaviours used by some of the world’s most successful salespeople. You will recognise the strengths and weaknesses of your present selling style, learn and begin to adopt the key behaviours that greatly reduce objections, have a robust and dependable framework for planning future sales calls and more.

The SPIN best practice model leads participants to achieve sales advances that build value for both customers and their own organisations.  The programme includes real world planning sessions to ensure that the new skills become embedded and that you achieve long-term sales improvements.

Who should attend our SPIN Sales training course?

The Huthwaite SPIN sales training programme is for you if you are:

  • Looking to improve sales performance
  • An experienced sales or business development professional looking to adopt world class selling skills
  • A sales leader looking for a consistent sales methodology that all your team can adopt.

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SPIN and the Buying Cycle are proprietary trade marks of Huthwaite International

Each SPIN trainer must be officially licensed and regularly monitored in order to ensure they can combine our unique methodology with a high quality, consistent learning experience.