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New commercial partnership is set to tackle medical devices skills shortage

New commercial partnership is set to tackle medical devices skills shortage

A commercial partnership between Decision Resources Group (DRG) and Huthwaite International is addressing the skills shortage in the medical devices sector .  The new programme works to utilise data and insight as well as upskilling existing sales workforces via proven sales methodologies to bolster outputs for senior sales professionals.

With Huthwaite research revealing a staggering 63% of professionals in the medical device sector don’t hold the necessary skills to address the challenges presented by today’s sales market, the global specialists in negotiations, communications and sales has partnered with healthcare business solutions specialist DRG to launch a pioneering new methodology for the medical device sector. Launched via a whitepaper, the new approach is designed to bolster sales, results and outputs, and addresses why the convergence of data and sales behaviour change is essential for the future success of the industry.

The launch of this bespoke methodology tackles head on the issues that arise as a result of the highly competitive and constantly evolving nature of the medtech market. The whitepaper sheds light on how to leverage data solutions with a robust behaviour driven methodology to bolster sales. This enables professionals to effectively pursue their medtech customers in an increasingly value-based and data-driven healthcare market. The strategic approach sees data coming to the fore and becoming an invaluable pillar of companies’ sales models, this is teamed with a proven behaviour-driven sales methodology to deliver compelling results for professionals in the medtech sector.

The new approach addresses the concerning findings of the Huthwaite research, which revealed 60% of medtech sales professionals believe existing selling skills and techniques are not effective, with 65% believing this is set to get worse within 10 years’ time. And, whilst the UK and Belgium (80%) admit to struggling the most when it comes to ineffective sales techniques today, it is Switzerland (84%) that shows the greatest concern that selling skills and techniques will fail to be effective by 2028. Demonstrating this is a truly international issue. 

The report also revealed concerns with global competition, with three in five respondents stating this is both a challenge now and will be in the future, with 60% believing that another area concern centres on adding greater value for clients.

Tony Hughes, CEO at Huthwaite International, commented on the launch of the new methodology: “In a world where patient needs are becoming ever more complex, procurement processes are shifting to meet the needs of more commercially savvy medical management teams and the digital age presents a whole realm of opportunity and considerations for buyers in the medical device sector, the need for a strategic, flexible, and proven sales model is of paramount importance.

“By shifting the approach to insightful data-led sales questioning as part of an informed and systematic strategic approach through our new methodology, sales leaders in the medical device sector can arm themselves with the tools required to future-proof their business models and truly utilise the convergence of data and behaviour change to optimise business growth.”

Ken McLaren, EVP at DRG Medtech, added: “Medtech companies that use data to direct their strategies and measure the results of their efforts can maximise sales and surpass their sales goals. This is the source of satisfaction for the many repeat customers we see at the medtech division of Decision Resources Group.

“Still, data alone can only get you to priority call-points and better inform you about your customers. Along with data, an effective sales approach also needs to be present and evolving with the marketplace to close a deal. For that reason, Decision Resources Group is very excited to partner with Huthwaite International to meet the broader needs of sales teams in the medical devices sector.

To discover more about the new methodology being introduced to the medtech market by DRG and Huthwaite International, download the Excelling in medtech sales whitepaper.

June 10, 2019 | Whitepapers, In the news