Upcoming ISP Webinar

Upcoming ISP Webinar

Why sales training doesn’t work...and what to do about it.

Date: 15th March 2022

Time: 09.00 - 09.35 BST

Venue: Webinar, UK

Registration: free for ISP members and guests can also attend by contacting the ISP via website here

You’ve contracted a sales training supplier and your sales team have their joining instructions. You’ve chosen the most experienced sellers – after all this stuff is expensive and you only want to invest in proven sellers who are less likely to resign in the next few weeks!

Your team logon to Zoom or turn up in a conference room somewhere and have a great time. The end of course happy sheets are terrific.

They come back to work and then… nothing! Nothing changes. A week or so later, the fancy note books and aides memoires are moved to the filing cabinet and work continues as normal.

This session answers the question “why is this the usual experience of investing sales training?” It also includes some pointers about what organisations can do about it – from selecting suppliers or designing training to making space for new knowledge and skills to be implemented.

About you: if you’re responsible for;

  • buying training
  • supervising those for whom training is intended.

or if you have been on a sales training programme which didn’t actually result in much change, then this session is for you.

You will learn:

  • Why sales training fails (and how these failures can be reduced)
  • How behaviour change requires a new mindset
  • What a good (and effective) change programme looks like.

Robin Hoyle is Head of Learning Innovation for Huthwaite International – the creators of SPIN Selling. He is a former Sales Director and the author of two books about training and learning published by Kogan Page. He is a broadcaster and conference speaker and chairs the annual World of Learning Conference at Birmingham’s NEC. In 2015 he was elected as a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute.

As a result of joining this event the participant will know how to avoid common mistakes in commissioning and organizing sales training which will enable them to be more effective in selecting and designing learning interventions and supporting sustainable positive change in the capability of themselves and their sales teams.

January 12, 2022 | Learning & Development