Two days at Huthwaite’s International summit

Two days at Huthwaite’s International summit

On the 1st and 2nd of October we held our annual International Sales, Negotiation and Communications Summit at Thorpe Park Hotel in Leeds. The event saw attendees from 16 different countries around the globe gather to discuss new principles to help bolster businesses on an international scale.

Being based in Wentworth, South Yorkshire, we hope to place Yorkshire business on the global stage with our annual sales summit held in Leeds. This year’s event placed a firm focus on the expert behaviours and skills that can be developed by business professionals to help bolster business results. Our international attendees gathered to share skills, experience and to be briefed on Huthwaite’s latest thinking when it comes to creating a competitive advantage in a climate of uncertainty.

Our employees spent quality time learning from each other and fully immersing themselves in the brand. It acts as a valuable opportunity to celebrate our successes as a business as well as our employees who boast impressive knowledge and skills that, without the annual summit, we may not all get to appreciate.

The summit is an opportunity for our employees to get together and learn from each other, here’s what a few of them had to say;

Annalize Cuthill, Chief Operating Officer

“The summit gives us from head office the opportunity to share new innovations, products, and how we are finding the market. In general, the value for everyone is that it gets us all together in one room where we can talk about what’s happening in the commercial world out there.”

Dorota Porazka, Behaviour Change Expert

“The summit allows us to meet with people that come from all over. Be it Sweden, France, Spain, Turkey or even as far as India. Together we discuss what our markets look like and we find the similarities. We can also talk about what is difficult for us and see how different people cope with difficult situations.”

As an international organisation, the summit allows everyone at Huthwaite to take advantage of being a part of a company full of intelligent, inspiring individuals. The next Huthwaite International summit will take place in 2020 and we look forward to it.

November 12, 2019 | Articles