A team event can make a real difference to the sales communities within your organisation. Bringing everyone together – especially teams who are hybrid working – can bring enormous benefits, helping to:

Launch new products

Launch new products

Use your event as a platform to introduce a new product to market

Launch training initiatives

Launch training initiatives

Introduce new training programmes to your salesforce through a bespoke event

Upskill your team

Upskill your team

Leverage your sales event to upskill your sales department

Generate new ideas

Generate new ideas

Encourage your sales team to share ideas and take your business to the next level

Provide insights

Provide insights

Bringing in outside expertise can help inspire and reinvigorate your sales teams

Stay motivated

Stay motivated

Motivate and empower your entire sales team by bringing them together

Set priorities

Set priorities

Use your event to clarify priorities and maximise the potential of your salesforce

Show appreciation

Show appreciation

Show appreciation for your teams hard work with an awards recognition event.

We’ve collaborated with many clients to build successful sales events and been invited to too many industry events to mention.

Huthwaite experts are great at motivating teams and are able to deliver inspirational insights into sales, negotiation and communication performance, so they’re regularly positioned as headline speakers at large conferences and big tent events.

At the opposite end of the scale, we’ve hosted small intimate workshops and launch events where interaction and audience participation are key.


Annual sales meeting events

If you want something practical to align all client-facing teams, these events can focus on fundamental sales skills that are not being consistently applied or on specific skills gaps you need to address. We have subject matter experts that can cover a variety of topics in short or extended workshop-style sessions.


Top Team discovery event

Together, we create a concise programme for senior leaders that provides an overview of the proposed skills development programme.  We explore how the top team can support the project to positively influence the success of an implementation, making sure it’s received well, and supports behaviour change for the long term.


Awards and recognition events

We find that the saying ‘what gets measured gets done and what gets rewarded gets done first’ is true for companies who encourage a work/reward approach. We can support more formal awards events that can be turned into real celebrations, where certificates are awarded to your teams, special prizes are given for standout contributions and where true behaviour change is recognised and rewarded. If you want more information on these types of events, read our Close Brothers case study.


Expert/Keynote speakers

We have experienced and inspiring keynote speakers who will share their knowledge, expertise and unique stories.  They can tailor their talks to your industry and specific needs, giving audiences memorable and tangible key takeaways.

“"Huthwaite ran a 1-day workshop for 60 team members in January, consisting of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and HR. We all benefited from the insights and experiences shared - it has especially helped people to understand more about the customers decision making processes. This was the start of a longer term, skill development programme for our team in South East Asia.”

Kevin Lowe, Vice President South East Asia at Stanley Black & Decker


Team events

Workshops can really help bring teams together and we’ve done a lot of work with sales, procurement, marketing and customer service departments at both in-person or virtual events.


Value Proposition Alignment

We can help teams fully understand terminology and use the same language with clients in both marketing and sales communications, so they can align on the most important value statements for your products and solutions at every stage of the Buying Cycle™.


Psychology of Decision Making

Persuasive skills are important for all client-facing teams and there are some obvious traps that people fall into that we can help to highlight and correct.


Can you cater for larger audiences?

Yes, we have supported big tent events with 250+ people – our speakers/and or trainers have the skills required to handle large audience engagement and participation.

Can you help set up and communicate the events?

Yes, our modular approach means that we can give options and provide content that resonates with your organisation and fits with the timetable you have available to participate in these events. 

Can you deliver in multiple locations?  

The scope of our international delivery is vast. In total we’ve worked in 109 countries and in 35 languages. We’ve worked across 69 countries for one global telecoms company alone. Whatever your local culture demands, we understand and can meet these needs overseeing projects centrally and implementing locally. 

Can we meet the delivery team before we go ahead with an event? 

 Absolutely. We take the time to ensure the right fit, so you can speak to individuals directly and get a feel for their personality and delivery style. 

Can you customise the design of the workshop/event?

Yes, we have worked together with many clients to ensure events outcomes support their core messages and values. That’s a huge reassurance for our clients and a level of experience they find invaluable.