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Over the last decade the L&D sector has experienced some seismic shifts.

It started with technology and as that has become embedded into common practice, attention has, more recently, turned to the role of L&D itself, the importance of greater alignment with business strategy and to the skills needed for L&D professionals to be successful.

We know that as an L&D professional you are increasingly evaluating your activities and considering, if not already demonstrating, business alignment more than ever before. It’s a stimulating but challenging time.

If you are investing in a sales or negotiation skills learning intervention for your organisation you need to be assured that your provider understands your challenges; that they can work closely with you to devise a deployment strategy that helps you meet both your learning objectives and your wider business goals.  And that they have the insights and experience to guide you through the process of merging the two.

We can help you succeed in today’s L&D environment by:

  • Helping you to exceed the standard of skills your organisation expects using world renowned sales and negotiation methodologies that are based on extensive and unique observational research
  • Helping you to achieve permanent behavioural change over temporary improvement with support from Huthwaite’s learning and behavioural specialists
  • Advising you on managing your Huthwaite learning projects to demonstrate greater business alignment
  • Helping you demonstrate commerciality
  • Helping you to optimise blended learning methods to support the 70:20:10 learning model
  • Being flexible with your international deployments and helping you to manage different cultural contexts
  • Working with you to seamlessly manage logistics and on-the-ground details throughout the Learning Journey with support from our dedicated and highly experienced support team.
Huthwaite International behavioural research experts - International reach

“The programmes have a key ingredient which is often missing from other training programmes, and that is a measurable change in behaviour and increased skills level, which can be reinforced and encouraged after the courses via good coaching.”


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