Costs are increasingly under review and the consequences to Procurement are far reaching.

To increase performance and profitability many companies are automating the supply management of transactional and commodity products and services. These include consumables, invoicing, contract management. Even the means by which suppliers are sourced is under review.

With those areas automated, further efficiencies can be achieved if each supply management professional is able to manage a larger and more mixed portfolio of suppliers and products. That means the days of specialists are waning. The trend for a broader skillset from each individual is on the rise. It’s a big challenge.

To be ready to respond to this emerging landscape your team will need to upskill and learn how to flex their behaviours to match the negotiating scenario they are in.

Huthwaite International can assist you to improve the capabilities of your team in readiness for this more demanding role:

  • Work with you to signficantly improve the negotiation skills of your team using proven negotiation methodologies based on unique observational research
  • Develop your and your team’s skills in negotiation-specific behaviours – the only company in the world able to do so
  • Develop your and your team’s capability to switch from managing simple negotiations to extreme and complex scenarios
  • Achieve a team of in-house coaches to ensure monitoring and continuous improvement of the skills learned
  • By working closely with Huthwaite’s learning and behavioural specialists help you achieve permanent behavioural change within your teams instead of temporary improvement thereby achieve a sustainable return on investment
  • Help you to establish a common negotiation approach appropriate for your business, different supply relationships and adopted by all teams regardless of their location and cultural differences
  • Help you to seamlessly manage logistics and on the ground details during your Learning Journey with help from our dedicated and highly experienced support team.

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