How to maximise new business potential

How to maximise new business potential

In summary

After a sale is made the new solution must be installed. This is the phase of least sales activity, however, top-class sales organisations will still be active.

To get the full picture on the differences between what world-class and typical sellers do at each stage of the customers journey, download the whitepaper below.

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World-class sales organisations will be:

  • reinforcing decision guidelines where you are strong – to protect the account from competitive attack
  • pointing out additional aspects of the solution the customer is unaware they may be getting
  • staying close to the service/fulfilment operation to spot difficulties and/or new opportunities early
  • timing contact to handle the motivation dip – the inevitable point when the customers’ enthusiasm for the project runs out
  • capturing and reporting successes
  • asking for referrals
  • proactively seeking the next sales opportunity.

Typical sales organisations will be:

  • moving on to the next prospect.

Video transcription: The Buying Cycle™ is the distinctive psychological phases that a buyer goes through when making a decision in a complex sale. Our research showed us the differences between what typical and world-class organisations do for their customers at each stage.

After the customer has made the decision and moves into implementing whatever they’ve chosen. The average seller tends to politely say goodbye and move on to the next opportunity.

World-class organisations stay in touch with their customers during implementation. They capture and report on their successes. They point out additional aspects of the solution that the customer is getting that they might not be aware of. They’re also asking for referrals and pro-actively seeking the next sales opportunity within this account.

For the rest of the details on what world-class organisations do differently to average ones during decision and implementation and for the other stages of the Buying Cycle™ download our whitepaper on Developing Sales Effectiveness


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