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The psychology of decision making webinar

Learn how successful sellers identify where their customers are in their buying process and tactics you can adopt when a prospect isn't ready to buy.

Does it seem like your business is getting sales leads but they don't convert into paying customers? Are there customers who aren’t quite ready to make a buying decision yet, and you’re wondering how to bring them further down the pipeline? We take a closer look at the psychology of decision making to give you a clearer idea of what to expect from customers at each stage and what salespeople should be doing to bring in more conversions, so you can improve your sales consistency across the board.

Things you'll learn:

Evolving customer needs

How to evaluate your customer needs as they evolve

Identify unresolved customer concerns

How to quickly identify unresolved customer concerns

Avoid sales concessions

How to avoid sales concessions

Presented by Huthwaite Experts

Robin Hoyle

Robin Hoyle

Robin Hoyle

Head of Learning Innovation

Robin has spent almost three decades as a strategic L&D leader, trainer and consultant. As a writer and blogger he focuses on workforce development policies, learning strategies, tools and techniques. He has written two books, ‘Informal Learning in Organizations: How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture’ and ‘Complete Training: From Recruitment to Retirement’, both published by Kogan Page. Robin is a Fellow of the Learning and Performance Institute and the Chair of the World of Learning Conference. In his role as Head of Learning Innovation at Huthwaite International, he is exploring routes to enhancing the learning experience and the impact of all Huthwaite’s training and learning interventions.

Richard Tillery

Richard Tillery

Richard Tillery

Learning & Development Consultant

With over 10 years’ experience in sales and learning and development, Richard helps organisations achieve their sales and negotiation-based objectives. Richard works with all levels across a wide range of industries.

Richard began his career managing a customer service team before he moved into sales, developing business through inside sales and field sales using direct marketing, social media and networking to win key clients with both blue-chip organisations and SMEs. A move to consulting services followed, and he helped customers meet their strategic business goals, including major change enablement and departmental reorganisation projects.

During his sales career, Richard began to share his expertise and became involved in the coaching and training of his colleagues and teams, sparking a passion for L&D which has since shaped his career.