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Our solutions are rooted in extensive behavioural research. Our decades of study show us that to change the behaviour of a team is to change the results of an organisation. Our goal therefore is to help you achieve a sustainable change in the behaviours of your teams with a specific focus on how they sell, negotiate and communicate.

We know what success looks and feels like and our solutions are designed to align our clients to that standard.

Optimum return from learning programme comes when new skills are so well practised that they become habitual.  This is the point when your teams’ behaviour permanently changes and your organisation can continue to reap the rewards of an upskill or training investment long into the future.

Changing behaviour, however, is a process not a single event. It requires effort from ourselves, from you, the client organisations and from participants. Our deployment methods play a crucial role in supporting this process and our knowledge and experience helps guide you at every stage.

Here are some of our behaviour change strategies. Contact us to find out more.

Cultural Readiness Indicator – A one fits all approach in a major learning project rarely works. By understanding the different cultures and skills that existing across each of your territories, office or even teams we can plan a deployment that takes account of your differences and maximises use of your similarities. In this way, we are integrating and working seamlessly with you for greatest impact.

Flexible Deployments Whilst our methodologies remain the same, the manner in which we deploy them remains centred around the needs of each client. In any combination, we may propose elearning, classroom learning, coaching and our peer to peer collaboration platform, Promote, as well as other tools, to ensure learners are learning, skills are being remembered and the performance of your organisation is significantly improving in a sustainable way.

Learning Journey  We structure learning around 5 stages:

  1. Analysis
  2. Acquire Knowledge
  3. Skills Practice
  4. Reinforce Learning stage 1
  5. Reinforce Learning stage 2

By doing so we can propose appropriate implementation strategies that will maximise the learning at each point, always bearing in mind that the stages are not linear and will be determined by several factors including the current skills level within your organisation.

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“Huthwaite was one of the few companies that provided us with mechanisms for measuring progress. This was a great selling point as far as we are concerned. With Huthwaite, we an find out if any improvement in performance is due to the individual’s response to the programme.”


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