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Building Sales Confidence for growing a business

Building Sales Confidence for growing a business

As a small business grows it must sell larger, higher value deals into larger, more complex customers. Its sales teams must be adept in dealing with more complex decision-making units. There are several elements to consider when developing your existing sales team. In this article we reveal why building sales confidence is a key component for sales force transformation.

Sales Confidence

“If you're presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything”

There is no doubt that confidence is a vital element in both growing a business a successful sales person’s armoury. We are not talking about the aggressiveness, arrogance or pushiness that typifies the archetypal (but inaccurate) view of a sales person. We are talking about a quiet, calm and unshakable belief in yourself, your solution, your company, and the value you can deliver to your customer that is key to growing a business. Making a major buying decision can be scary, particularly if getting it wrong would adversely affect growing a business or your career. Prospects would never admit that to a potential supplier, but our research shows around 30% of buying processes end in a decision to do nothing, which is almost always a result of unresolved concerns. A confident sales person helps resolve any nagging doubts and guide the customer to a positive decision, which in turn increases your chances of growing a business.

So how do you Build Sales Confidence?

The key word is build, real confidence can’t be learned, it comes from knowing you are doing the right things well. In B2B selling that means having sales skills that work. That’s where SPIN® Selling Skills come in. SPIN® is the world’s most widely validated sales methodology proven to help those growing businesses, and is a distillation of what actually happens when a salesperson is successful. And that can be learned. Sellers who use SPIN® effectively will win more sales at better margins, and once a sales person sees that happen, their confidence will grow along with the chances of growing a business.

Train your sales team in a sales methodology that works, and confidence will naturally follow.

Further Reading for growing a business

Confidence is just one of the skills that sales teams in small businesses must develop as they grow. To discover all four components of sales force transformation click here to download our Whitepaper.

Delivering Sales Force Transformation

For over 40 years Huthwaite International have worked with clients to achieve a measurable difference in the performance of their sales teams. We help our clients to achieve positive changes in revenue, profits, margin, team behaviours and attitudes every single day.

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