Do you know how well you are negotiating?

Written by Huthwaite International

For decades Huthwaite International have researched the strategies and behaviours that distinguish a skilled negotiator from an average negotiator. We launched our biggest global negotiation research survey in a bid to find out what negotiating tactics people consider to be successful.

Based on Huthwaite’s original global negotiation research into what behaviours lead to negotiation success, using Huthwaite’s unique Verbal Behaviour Analysis, the research involved direct observation of what happened in negotiations - the behaviours that were used, and the outcomes. In our latest negotiation research survey we wanted to find out whether people were able to easily recognise what effective negotiation tactics and behaviours looked like.

With over 1300 respondents across the globe, we have put together a report which shares the key survey findings. The areas covered are:

  • Power in negotiation.
  • Preparation and Planning.
  • Strategies and tactics such as Trading in negotiation.
  • Behavioural skills such as Persuasion, Irritators, Testing Understanding, Giving Feelings, and making Proposals.


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