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Why confidence is key for a successful negotiation outcome

Why confidence is key for a successful negotiation outcome

What do successful negotiators to win the best deals? Having confidence is key for a successful negotiation outcome. Only 19% of negotiators who aren't confident are successful in achieving their targets. And those who feel neutral see an even lower rate of success, with only 16 per cent of them succeeding.

What do successful negotiators do?

Our research reveals that successful negotiators build confidence through preparation and planning, strategies and tactics, and the use of effective behavioural skills. However, confidence is not the only key ingredient. So, what do successful negotiators do? Key factors that influence a successful negotiation outcome include:

  • Asking questions
  • Testing Understanding
  • The use of Counterproposals
  • Avoiding the use of Irritators


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About the Author
Tony Hughes

Written by Tony Hughes

Huthwaite's CEO, Tony actively promotes the cause for sales and service excellence, and is part of the judging panels for the National Sales Awards and The National Business Awards. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Sales and Marketing, in 2010, Tony was presented with the inaugural ISMM Lifetime Achievement Award at The British Excellence in Sales and Marketing Awards.